Zenfolio Webinars

October 4th, 2011
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Whether you are just getting started or already selling your photography, our live online webinars will have you using your Zenfolio account to its full potential. Lead by our technical guru, Jae Le, our webinars cover topics such as getting set up, customizing your site, using the marketing tools available, and selling your work.

Tune in for an online training session and connect with a ZenMaster. Follow along, ask questions, and learn the ins and outs of Zenfolio. For the schedule of upcoming webinars see here.

Getting Started
This introductory webinar will cover the basics of Zenfolio. Jae will walk you through how to best upload your photos, customize your website, and set up your online store. You’ll walk away from this session with the knowledge of how to begin building your business and portfolio with ease. Become familiar with the features and tools that will set your website apart from others and will make your life more Zen. This is the perfect webinar for those of you who have a Trial account on Zenfolio, or have recently signed up.

Customizing Your Website
Learn how to build, configure and customize your portfolio website and client proofing pages without any coding. Jae will show you how to tweak your site just the way you want it and walk you through the design elements. After this session you will be able to extend your signature style from your images into every element of your website, creating a site that is truly your own from the home page all the way to the last checkout page.

Marketing Your Work
Get familiar with the best practices for marketing your site. Learn how to rise to the top with SEO tools, bring together your social media efforts with Facebook integration, and impress clients with email campaigns. Be familiar with these helpful features to gain more traction and make sales! This webinar will have you mastering the latest marketing tools available and will aid you in reaching your business goals and growing further.

Selling Your Work
You have your photos uploaded, site customized, and now you are ready to start selling. This webinar will help you set up your shopping cart and get going! Jae will share tips on how to sell prints, products, downloads and packages. You will also learn how to approve and modify orders, setup coupons and more. Improve and streamline the shopping experience for your clients and make sure each sale is maximized to its full potential.

Can’t make a live webinar? We understand; and that is exactly why we also make recordings of the webinar available online.

Don’t see the topic you want covered in one of our live webinars? We also offer a variety of training videos through our Help Center. See here for the complete list of tutorials.