ZOOM Tour Reviews: You said it, we’re just sharing

September 3rd, 2013

The 2013 ZOOM Tour may be winding down, but there is still time to attend events in Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, and Chicago. We asked photographers who attended earlier events in the tour to share the insights they gained and to tell us more about why it was valuable to attend a ZOOM event.

Lots to Learn

“I was blown away by the plethora of information I gathered about Zenfolio and the many capabilities I was unaware it had. I filled an entire notebook and was able to take that information home and fix my own Zenfolio site and make it more streamlined for my convenience and the accessibility of my clients. My blog is also getting much more attention after following all the great advice.” – Jenny Horn, Lovely Lily Photography

“The Zenfolio ZOOM event in LA was so interesting! I learned some things I did not know but also learned others things that expanded my existing knowledge. From the presentations I was able to learn how to customize my site in different ways to make it look cleaner and better, whether using a built-in or custom page.“ – John Routh, JD’s Photography

“The info sessions I attended as part of the ZOOM tour helped take the mystery out of customizing my site. I left feeling both excited and a little ill with the thought that I have so much to do but knowing that I will soon have an incredible website.” – Frances Reilly, Frances Marie Photography

“The information I received at this training session proved to be invaluable for me. After the event any additional support I needed was readily available via an email to Zenfolio support. In every case, in less than 24 hours I received a detailed answer with links for what I needed to know to make the changes I wanted. It took me deeper inside the workings of Zenfolio than I have ever ventured before.” – George Ligon, George Ligon Photography

Powerful Presenters

“I attended the ZOOM event in Austin and the guest speaker, Geoff Duncan, was great. He gave a really casual, friendly presentation of his work and explained examples of his work ethic “work smarter, not harder.” It was very interesting to hear about his workflow, file management, website management, and social media management. It was also great that the group was small enough to ask Geoff questions afterward if we liked.” – Robert Cordova, Cordova Photo

“I very much enjoyed the presentation by Dan Ballard in Denver, who spoke about Zenfolio from the photographer’s point of view. All of the presenters very kindly answered questions for me during the break.” – Jenny Horn, Lovely Lily Photography

“The Zenfolio team brought enthusiasm and professionalism to the event, along with a refreshing sense of humor. I felt a sincere desire from the team in wanting to help each Zenfolio user be successful, knowing that this could mean everything from simply having an internet presence to selling prints online.” – Chris Comstock, Comstock Photography

“Frederick Van Johnson, of Media Bytes, opened my eyes with his “Solopreneur” presentation in which he gave a myriad of ways to drive traffic through email service providers, and then the who, what, when, where, why, and how of his experience in business, being a photographer himself. – Chris Davis, C. Davisions Photography

People to Meet

“All the Zenfolio people were so helpful and very nice. They helped answer all the questions we had, and we were able to talk and network with other photographers in attendance. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn how to create a Zenfolio site and for people who want to learn more about the Zenfolio site they already have.“ – John Routh, JD’s Photography

“I especially enjoyed hearing event presenters and other attendees talk about their experiences in the various businesses of photography; it was encouraging and enlightening! I only wish that the event was longer! I’ll be sure to sign up next time ZOOM comes around again.” – Chris Comstock, Comstock Photography

Unbelievable Value

“All in all, there was no catch! It really felt like a customer appreciation workshop. It was worth WAY more than 10 bucks for sure, but I’m not going say anything!” – Robert Cordova, Cordova Photo

“Thirty minutes into the session I was glad I took the day off work and spent the $10 (of which we all got back via Mpix credit) to come for the seminar. Throughout the day Zenfolio offered advice on how to make my site what it should be, as well as create ways for my clients to be excited about what they see.” – Chris Davis, C. Davisions Photography

“At the event Zenfolio gave away a ton of door prizes and a great goodie bag! Some of the door prizes were really nice, including things like Think Tank bags, and support service giveaways like retouching services, and print services (hundreds of dollars worth easy!).” – Robert Cordova, Cordova Photo

“The swag bag I received had a lot of nice discounts and information about other services. While I didn’t win anything, the raffle gifts offered a wide variety of products and services any photographer would appreciate.” – Kim Wilson, KW Photography

Whether you attend a ZOOM event for the goodie bag, the great presenters, or all the tips and tricks you will learn, we hope to see you at the next event!