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Save hours reviewing photos.

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Advanced AI technology takes the work out of grouping, rating and culling images.

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You define. It refines. is the new way to do photo culling. The innovative automatic technology can pare down thousands of images from a typical shoot to just hundreds in minutes.

photorefine customization example

Photographers set the controls.

You select the criteria and parameters for grouping and rating images, highlighting duplicates and controlling AI settings.

Private and secure. is a local desktop device app. All images and data reside on your desktop…not in the cloud. You control access to images in galleries and all security settings.

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Here’s what does for you.

No more tedious, time-consuming culling.

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Auto-Group and Auto-Rate. advanced technology groups similar photos shot in a sequence and rates them based on photographer settings.

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Fast culling.

Photos are loaded lightning fast for preview while the advanced AI evaluates image sharpness, blinking eyes, and facial expression to group and rate images.

icon facial recognition

Facial recognition.

AI technology helps you identify specific individuals in your photos (like the bride at a wedding) making it easier to sort and group by subjects.

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Fully customizable.

Get started quickly with default settings, then adjust or build new settings based on your preferences. You control everything to work the way you want.

How works.

Save outsourcing costs and deliver the best photos to your clients in a timely manner.

PhotoRefine steps
  1. Load images into
  2. The app groups similar images and applies ratings.
  3. You review the selections and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Load images in other editing software with ratings intact.
PhotoRefine steps