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March 2, 2007

Public Zenfolio API is released

Public Zenfolio API is made available for third-party development of software applications, plug-ins, utilities, and tools interfacing with the Zenfolio service.

The Zenfolio API provides outside developers with the same features and functionality of the Zenfolio platform used internally for our own development. The Zenfolio API is platform-independent and is based on open standards. It can be used from any programming language on any platform as long as it supports sending and receiving HTTP requests.

The following Help chapter provides detailed information describing the Zenfolio API.

As the first example of using the Zenfolio API, David Holmes has written a plug-in for Apple Aperture. The ApertureToZenfolio plug-in allows for uploading of photos to Zenfolio directly from with the Aperture application.

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