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May 17, 2008

Availability of batch Photo Replace, VeriSign EV secure encryption, and ordering fotoflōt products

It is now possible to Replace a Photo with an updated file while keeping the original links and metadata intact. You can do that for a single photo or as a batch operation for any number of photos at once. The interface allows to batch upload files into a separate gallery first to make it easier to replace a large number of photos, or upload new files directly in the Replace window.

Increased security with VeriSign EV certification

All pages on Zenfolio collecting sensitive credit card and personal information are now protected with the best SSL encryption technology from VeriSign.

VeriSign is the leader in SSL encryption and their Extended Validation (EV) certificates include secure transmission of information and verification of business identity. For more information about VeriSign EV certificates and benefits see VeriSign for Consumers.

fotoflōt your photos

In other news, Zenfolio and fotoflōt have teamed up to offer Zenfolio users an innovative way to display digital images. fotoflōts present photographs without glass, frames or mats using breakthrough digital imaging and mounting technologies.

Zenfolio members receive a special discount on all fotoflōt purchases. And the best part is that you can access your Zenfolio galleries and photos directly from the fotoflōt site by providing user name and password.

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