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February 6, 2009

Introducing Digital Products, say hello to friendly links, updated reports

We know many of our Premium users are looking forward to selling digital downloads on Zenfolio, and they are finally here!

With the introduction of Digital Products, photographers have the ability to define almost any downloadable product with custom licensing terms, at any price. Here is what is included:

  • Four standard licenses, provided by Zenfolio
  • The ability to create your own custom licenses by modifying the sample licenses or pasting in your own licenses
  • Many image size options to choose from including your own custom dimensions
  • Create a digital product with fixed image dimensions. A cropping tool will become available in the Shopping Cart so users can crop based on defined dimensions. A good example of this would be creating iPhone wallpaper which has to be specific dimensions.
  • Create almost any product available for download, including original full size files, desktop backgrounds, Web avatars, iPhone wallpapers, etc.
  • Zenfolio charges a 8% service fee, which is one of the lowest fees in the industry
  • Order e-mails are sent to photographer and clients when the order is placed, with links to the download page
  • Photographer can still review and approve orders, including uploading new files and making cropping adjustments, if needed
  • Zenfolio stores downloads for 30 days
  • Customers can download individual photos, or a complete order as a ZIP file

To learn more about how to create and offer digital products, refer to the Guide to Digital Products on Zenfolio.

Redesigned price list editing

The new price list editing pages are many times faster than before and allow you to manage many products easily. As part of this redesign we have introduced separate formulas for each product category including a dedicated formula for framing and mounting. Look for more more related features coming soon including export to Excel and printing.

Friendly URLs

You can now use plain words to create easy links to group, gallery, or collection pages (such as You can use letters, numbers, and some punctuation including dash '-' and a slash '/'. This works with custom domain names as well.

Updated Reports

We have overhauled the Reports to make them more consistent and easier to understand. We've added a Summary report and a Coupons report under SELLING > Reports. The Summary report makes it easy to view high level financials for any time period. Coupons are now accounted for everywhere in the reports.

Additional Visitor View page customizations

New setting in Customize Visitor View > Options provides the ability to hide the path to the Gallery/Collection/Group (also known as breadcrumbs) displayed at the top of a Visitor page.

Private paths no longer display in breadcrumbs on Visitor pages allowing you to create "branches" in your organizational hierarchy. This really helps keep visitors focused on specific galleries or groups. For example, if you have a private group in the middle of a path to a gallery, the path leading to that group and the group itself will be hidden from your visitors.

"Publish to Zenfolio" plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery

Released a plug-in to export to Zenfolio directly out of Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you are not familiar with this product from Microsoft, it is a free application used for managing and previewing photos on your Windows XP or Vista system.

Other feature enhancements

In addition, the following enhancements were released:

  • Streamlined Account Statement with mini summary reports for each order sold
  • Added easier access to links from the Edit View
  • In the Add to Cart window we have renamed 'Back to Categories' to 'Back to All Products' to help navigation
  • By popular demand from our forum members, added a new subcategory: Artistic > Picture a Day (PAD)

New Mpix products and services

More canvas gallery wrap sizes available from Mpix:

  • 8"x10" $55.00
  • 10"x10" $55.00
  • 10"x20" $75.00
  • 10"x30" $90.00
  • 16"x16" $80.00
  • 16"x24" $100.00
  • 20"x20" $105.00

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