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June 26, 2009

Worldwide shipping with Photobox UK-based lab, sell globally in multiple currencies, use PayPal for order checkout, and embed slideshows of your photos on other sites

We are very happy to announce a new print partner available on the Zenfolio platform: Photobox. Photobox print lab is based in the UK and has production facilities in Ireland, London, Paris, and several other locations throughout Europe.

Photobox offers a range of print sizes on Fuji Crystal gloss and matt papers, as well as specialty photo products. To enable Photobox products in your account, click Edit in the Print Ordering section of the Toolbox and tick the checkbox next to it. All Photobox products are available for shipping anywhere in the world, excluding US and Canada, which are served by the Mpix lab.

As part of this announcement we are very happy to introduce support for multiple currencies on Zenfolio. This multi-currency project has been in the works for many months and represents a major leap in photographers' ability to service customers globally.

This means that you can immediately start selling Digital Products and Custom Products in 18 currencies:

Australian Dollars Singapore Dollar
Canadian Dollars Swedish Krona
Euros Danish Krone
Pounds Sterling Polish Zloty
Japanese Yen Norwegian Krone
U.S. Dollars Hungarian Forint
New Zealand Dollar Czech Koruna
Swiss Franc Israeli Shekel
Hong Kong Dollar Mexican Peso

Our partner products are now available in several currencies; you can see specific prices listed in the corresponding product tables:

  • Mpix products are available in USD and CAD
  • Photobox products are available in GBP and EUR
  • IYP products are available in USD, CAD, GBP, and EUR
  • fotoflōts are available in USD, CAD, GBP, and EUR

NOTE: we have made sure that nothing has changed for the current US based customers in regards to their prices and price lists; it is business as usual.

Details relating to using multiple currencies

Price lists can contain products in multiple currencies, you will need to first add a new currency tab to your price list and then add products to each currency separately.

Digital Products do not belong to any one currency and can be added to any currency in your price list.

Each Custom Product has a currency it belongs to. If you would like to offer the same custom product in several currencies, you need to define new custom product per currency and then add it to a corresponding currency tab in the price list.

Coupons and Shipping Methods are also set up per currency. You can use the same coupon code across coupons in different currencies.

The balance for each currency is maintained independently in your Zenfolio account. Payouts are available to request via PayPal in the specific currency, if you have a balance in it.

For more detailed instructions on how to configure and sell products globally on Zenfolio please refer to the Guide to Selling Globally on Zenfolio .

Service Fees for non-US Currencies

Orders placed in currencies other than the USD have the following service fee rates applied:

Products fulfilled by Zenfolio partners: 15%
Digital products (downloads): 10%
Custom products created and fulfilled by you: 5%

Shopping Cart Improvements

  • Customers are now able to use PayPal as a payment type for order checkout.
  • Added PayPal Express Checkout
  • Using account balance during checkout is now optional
  • You can now select between three payment methods during checkout:
    • Account Balance
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal

Sales Tax

There is now a separate Sales Tax page under SELLING to configure tax rules for your orders. When you specify sales tax, it will apply to partner-fulfilled orders as well as your custom orders. Sales tax can be setup per state or per country. There is an option to apply tax to shipping charges as well.

Sales Reports

Sales reports have been redesigned to make them more useful and easier to read. In addition, a new Taxes report was added showing sales taxes and/or VAT broken down by country.

Embed a Slideshow of Your Photos on Other Web Sites

By popular demand, a Flash-based embeddable Slideshow is now available under MORE RESOURCES. You can create a standalone slideshow from any gallery or collection in your account in almost any size, and then post it to any Web site that allows including objects. This is similar to embedding a YouTube video. Adding music to slideshows is coming in the next release.

Other New Features and Improvements Include:

  • Introduced two new Themes: Baby Boy and Baby Girl.
  • Premium users: there is now a way to disable displaying Best Fit in the Add to Cart window. If you force cropping in your price list to be Centered or Fit, Best Fit will be disabled.
  • Option added under Customizing Visitor View > Options to hide pagination from thumbnail pages and force all thumbnails to be loaded all the time.
  • Added new Subcategories:
    • Sports > Skating > Roller Derby
    • Sports > Skating > Figure Skating
    • Sports > Skating > Speed Skating
    • Sports > Jump Rope
    • Transportation > Fire Department
    • Architecture & Structures > Temple
  • Search field styling was updated on all Visitor View pages, it is now rounded and more elegant
  • The popular software program Photo Mechanic now offers built-in support for uploading photos directly to your Zenfolio account

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