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September 26, 2014

Zenfolio websites in German and French, simplified sales tax collection, Mpix holiday card designs and more…

Zenfolio is Now Available in French and German

For photographers located in Germany and France, and anyone else speaking German or French, you can now use and publish Zenfolio websites in your native language.

From Edit View to Visitor View to the Shopping Cart, everything has been translated and can be presented in the native language of your visitors.

Zenfolio is now available in 2 new languages

The product catalogs from our European partner labs (One Vision Imaging and PhotoBox) have been fully translated as well, providing French- and German-speaking clients with a seamless ordering experience.

Customize Visitor View

To change your website language, go to the new Language tab in Site Settings. You’ll be able to preview this change before you publish so you can update your site menu and other content to match your preferred language.

The Edit View language is separate from your website language, giving you the flexibility of managing your site in one language and presenting your work to your visitors in another. You can change the language used to manage your site by using the language switcher in the footer.

Collect Auto-Calculated Sales Tax in Multiple Locations

Now you can collect auto-calculated sales tax in multiple different locations in the United States and Canada, and in accordance with your local laws you can set up your cart to collect taxes on shipping and/or digital products.

To set up sales tax, go to the Sales Tax page under Selling and choose where you want the sales tax to be collected and what it should be applied to. The correct amount will automatically be calculated at checkout based on current rates and the location of the person ordering. Any taxes collected by Zenfolio will be remitted to you for easy filing with your local tax authorities.

Sales Tax

Mpix Holiday Card Designs

Give a fresh look to your holiday cards this season with 19 new designs for 5x7 and 5x5 circle flat cards from Mpix. Add the new designs to your price lists and make them available to your clients for holiday ordering.

Holiday Card Designs

MpixPro Signature Album Linen and Custom Covers

We’ve added two stunning new cover types for MpixPro Signature Albums. Linen covers offer a beautiful linen blend in an assortment of colors to highlight your imagery. The Custom Image cover uses your design and wraps around the entire cover of your album. The cover design is printed on E-Surface photographic paper with a coat of high gloss lamination applied.

Add the new Signature Album cover styles to your price lists to make them available to your clients.

Signature Albums and Custom Covers

Limit the Number of Poses in Multi-Image Packages

If you sell packages, you can now keep a lid on production costs by setting a limit on the total number of unique images that can be used for a multi-image package. Set this limit by going to the Packages page under Selling.

Google Universal Analytics

Zenfolio sites now support Google Universal Analytics. Log in to Google Analytics to start the upgrade process, then come back to your Zenfolio Preferences page to update the tracking code used on your site.

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