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Zenfolio is the obvious choice to exhibit my work in a professional way.

– Andrew Peacock

Andrew’s favorite Zenfolio features:

  • Customizable Web interface
  • Password-protected galleries
  • Integrated with Adobe Lightroom

Andrew uses the Pomona preset

  • Optimal for Nature and Landscape Photographers
  • Easy to set up with one-click installation

About Andrew Peacock


I first began to explore the world around me through a camera lens while working as a doctor on voluntary assignments in the mountains of Nepal and India. Now I use my medical and outdoor adventure skills to find ways to explore new corners of the globe and tell those stories through photography. As an adventure travel photographer my intent is to create images that tell stories of human exploration and adventure in areas of natural beauty and wonder. My inspiration comes from the activities, landscapes, wildlife and people of the outdoor world.


Where is your home base?

I’m very lucky to spend time between two places, Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia, and Santa Barbara in California.

What is your photography genre/specialty?

I like to photograph what I call Adventure Travel. You won’t see photos of food on a table at a resort by me but you will see images of people, animals and landscapes in parts of the world where we travel to find adventure.

What is your most memorable image and why?

An image of stand up paddlers in Havasu Creek is my most recent memorable image because it was preplanned but in a difficult to reach location and I got lucky with light. It was a delight to see it published in Outside Magazine and widely shared on social media.

Why did you become a photographer? What drives you to capture images, and has this changed over time?

I am a medical doctor by training yet photography has interested me since high school. As I progressed further with work in medicine I realised my creative side needed nurturing, and photography was the natural place for me to turn. I capture images to be able to share them with others, to inspire others to explore and to appreciate the outside world.

Do you have any personal rituals to help you get ready for a shoot? What are they?

I make sure I have the photo kit to suit the requirements of the trip. I may research other images from the location I am travelling too, but often I will ignore what has gone before and try to see with fresh eyes.

What are the top 5 things you can’t live without while on a shoot?

High energy food, a cooperative outdoor athlete (usually my wife, Sabina), my Canon 5D Mark3, an alarm to get me out of the tent by dawn, and at least one lens like the Canon 24-105 f/4L.

How do you regain your inspiration if you hit a creative rut?

Taking time out from photography and travelling to do some medical work is good for avoiding creative ruts.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your journey as a photographer?

The advent of digital photography freed me up to be more creative and experimental. That can be said for the digital revolution in general and is why there are so many good photographers out there today, but I was particularly constrained by thinking every shot needed to be ‘just perfect’ back when I shot transparency film and so I didn’t progress as quickly as when I could get instant feedback in the digital era.

If you could share just one tip with aspiring photographers, what would it be?

Watch, follow, learn from and ask advice from the pros who are running photography businesses. Don’t get all of your inspiration from social media posts as they don’t represent the real world of working for a living as a photographer.

What are the top three Zenfolio features essential to helping you run your business.

An infinitely customizable web interface, the ability to easily set up client-specific password-protected pages, and integration with Adobe Lightroom via a plug-in means updating my website is super easy.

If you could second shoot with any photographer (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Galen Rowell because his work and writing was a real inspiration for me when I first started photographing seriously.

How has the photography world changed since you turned pro?

The stock photography world has changed enormously, and there are no easy pickings to be had in that field, but there are rewards to be had with a conscientious approach and good contacts.

What one piece of software besides Zenfolio do you consider to be vital in your workflow?

Adobe Lightroom