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For me, Zenfolio is the most vital tool in sharing and printing images.

– Sara Kauss

Sara’s favorite Zenfolio features:

  • Quality prints and fast client orders
  • Ease of organization
  • Great customer service

Sara uses Pomona as her preset

  • Optimal for Wedding and Portrait Photographers
  • Easy to set up with one-click installation

About Sara


Sara Kauss has been a professional photographer for more than 12 years. She loves building relationships, making new friends, and capturing life through her pink bedazzled camera lens. Sara photographs destination weddings and musicians around the world, with home bases in Palm Beach and Nashville. Her goal is to capture the light and emotion in any situation through her camera. She has been a loyal Zenfolio user since the beginning of Zenfolio.


Where is your home base?

Palm Beach, Florida

What is your photography genre/specialty?

Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer and Musician Photographer

What is your most memorable image and why?

I always believe in a big idea. This big idea can be created through a styled shoot with a musician or can be captured through a candid moment at a wedding. One of my most recent favorite images is a big idea on a styled photo shoot—on a glacier in Alaska! One of my best friends came to me and said, “I have an idea for a photo shoot I want to discuss with you” and the rest is amazing history!

Why did you become a photographer? What drives you to capture images and has this changed over time?

I love people and have always been a photographer, starting in high school, but I didn’t consider photography as a career until I hired my wedding photographer, Derek Smith with Sunshine Photographics. I loved and still love the idea of capturing people and special moments on that special day of a couple’s life. My drive to capture moments comes from my passion to tell a story. Whether its a wedding day or a musician, I want to tell what is going on and who that person is in a single frame. To me this also involves the surroundings, too, telling the story just like it is at that moment.

Do you have any personal rituals to help you get ready for a shoot? What are they?

I get to know my wedding clients before their wedding day, and when working with musicians I make sure to have a conversation with the artist directly before we begin our shoot. If you’re going to capture who the person is, how will you know what you’re photographing unless you know the person?

What are the top 5 things you can’t live without while on a shoot?

Shootsac camera bag, Canon 24mm t/s and Canon 135mm lens, baby carrots, a camera body, and a cup of Starbucks. I’m a pretty simple shooter—if I’ve got a plan, sunlight and a happy subject, images will just happen!

How do you regain your inspiration if you hit a creative rut?

I am always photographing, which helps me to not get stale in my photography.  I am always looking for the light. And I recently started a dog photography Instagram account for @SunshinetheGoldenPup, my dog who now has more followers than I do!  No pressure of social media, just fun.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your journey as a photographer?

I have many photographer friends who have been helpful and inspirational from the beginning of my photography career. Longtime friends like JP Elario, Josh Newton, Amy Nave, Brian Adams, Derek Smith, Tim Halberg. New photo friends include Shea Halliburton Wright (who is the most inspirational friend I’ve got in photography, follow her recent journey!), Katie Kauss, Flex the Frog, the list goes on… and the women that I’m fortunate to call best friends and the most talented photographers in the world that work with my team every day, Tina Blanco, Alyssa and Lisa. I’m constantly learning from these wonderful people.

If you could share just one tip with aspiring photographers, what would it be?

Believe in yourself. Be yourself and don’t worry about the competition. People will like you for you. Photography is a personal decision—to have someone capture your story, whether it’s a wedding or musician’s album cover.

What are the top three Zenfolio features essential to helping you run your business?

1. Quality prints

2. Ease of organization on the back end

3. Customer service / speed of orders for clients

If you could second shoot with any photographer (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Henri Cartier-Bresson. Cartier-Bresson is well known as the photographer who changed the way we looked at the world to capture true moments in time. He created the candid movement that true photojournalistic photographers strive for, calling it a decisive moment.

How has the photography world changed since you turned pro?

When I started photography digital SLRs were just becoming a big deal. I love how you can find photos from all over the world, learn from people everywhere and be inspired to travel because of the digital age we live in. Social media is such a neat way to share your work. I think the biggest change is the accessibility of images and the amount of people inspired to share their story through photographs.

What one piece of software besides Zenfolio do you consider to be vital in your workflow?

For me, Zenfolio is the most vital tool in sharing and printing images for any photographer. Zenfolio has changed the way your clients can access your photos—it’s the best! The only other vital piece of software for my company is Tave. Tave is the back end of everything for photography business. From contracts to contacts, photo management to print sales, my business wouldn’t run without Tave or Zenfolio.