An Exciting Announcement from Zenfolio

January 10th, 2021

More than a new logo. It’s a whole new world of possibilities.

We’re delighted to announce several exciting enhancements to the Zenfolio platform. And we have you to thank. You shared how you use our website and tools, and told us what you like and what we can make better. The new Zenfolio is here, delivering what you need to accelerate your photography and advance your craft – and setting a new industry standard in the process.

A fresh new look for our fresh new platform.

Our updated brand both honors the partnership we’ve developed with you over many years, and celebrates the new platform we’ve built to deliver the mobile-first, cutting-edge solutions that will enable you to make your business and craft even more successful in the years ahead.

It’s a platform that’s been designed to inspire joy, make photography accessible for all, and just make everything better – websites, workflow, social sharing, e-commerce, marketing and more. All of which reaffirms that Zenfolio will continue to be the perfect partner for anyone who’s serious about the business of photography.


This isn’t just an update. It’s a breakthrough.

We recently completed an 18-month, multimillion-dollar project deploying cutting-edge technologies to deliver best-in-class services to you and your clients. These advancements enable enhanced functionality, improved stability and a host of new service offerings. As you’ll see, this isn’t technology for technology’s sake but technology to move you and your photography business forward.

Advanced Cloud: Cutting-edge with a silver lining.

We not only consolidated and upgraded our primary data centers and moved the 4 billion images (16 petabytes of data if you’re counting) our photographers keep with us to the cloud. But we have migrated to the IBM Cloud®, a world-class cloud storage solution that also brings advanced computing technologies to help take your business to the next level. 

Now we have a highly available and scalable platform that lets us deliver images faster, create more value-added services quicker and so much more. The sky is truly limit with the ability to build new capabilities such as:

  • Facial recognition for faster, better image storage, retrieval and organization.
  • Machine learning for streamlined e-commerce and workflow.
  • Al-powered experiences for smarter CRM, e-commerce and natural language search.

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Your images, your data, your business. Secured.

We’ve substantially upgraded our infrastructure to protect your data, your clients’ information, and the huge reservoir of images you’ve captured. We’ve evolved from our self-hosted solution to now partnering with leaders in cloud infrastructure, edge security and media delivery – putting us in the top tier of world-class hosting providers.

This extreme makeover not only makes our platform more secure, but simultaneously enhances its scalability, performance and reliability to meet the needs of a modern SaaS platform. Our systems actively optimize image distribution and delivery so your clients can access them faster and in the best format for the device they’re using. It’s all part of the bigger picture here at Zenfolio

Your personal website address. Accessible and discoverable

As we deploy this new environment for improved performance and security, we will be migrating photographer websites with custom web addresses to our new edge infrastructure. Our new Domain Name Server (DNS) infrastructure facilitates a more modern and redundant setup with support for multiple DNS lookups, not only on the old IPv4 standard, but also the new modern IPv6 standard, bringing better resilience and the ability to individualize the protection of each website we host. To take advantage of this new configuration, all you need to do is simply update the DNS settings of your personal website.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to update your DNS settings.

Products that are mobile, social and oh so productive.

We’ve always helped photographers navigate the challenges of a dynamic market. Today that means offering products that capitalize on a mobile-first, always-on, digital culture.

BookMe: The scheduling tool for the gig economy.

This summer we launched BookMe to help your clients see your availability and book sessions on your website with just the click. And it’s working. This cutting-edge, contactless booking solution has created the opportunity for photographers to increase bookings and, in turn, revenues have increased – even tripled for some – despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

BookMe also automates invoicing and client payments, saving you hours of work each week, making it a great workflow tool as well as a booking solution. All made possible by a small BookMe button you place on your website, wherever it’s hosted.

Get discovered, booked and paid with PhotoBooker.

Late last year we introduced – an on-demand marketplace where we promote your services with a free listing and make it easy for new customers in your area to find and book sessions with you. Great for filling those few gaps in your busy schedule. PhotoBooker not only makes it easy to get discovered and booked, but it also makes it easy to get paid as clients pay when they book. 

No wonder PhotoBooker is fast becoming the leading marketplace for photographers, and for the 45+ million Americans paying for photography services in the past 12 months.

New leadership to steer the ship.

Center Lane Partners, a New York City-based investment company, acquired Zenfolio in 2017 and brought on Chief Executive Officer John Loughlin to grow the business.

John assembled a new, highly experienced leadership team including CPO Munib Siddiqi, CTO Keith Barraclough, CFO Doug Massey, CMO Jason Egnal and Vice President of Customer Support and Success, Pamela Vachon. With this world-class team, Zenfolio is on an upward trajectory set to re-define the business of photography.

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Look for more “new” in this new year.

We’ll be releasing new plans and services in the coming months that will engage, inspire and delight you. Whether you’re a beginning enthusiast, a photographer looking to start a business, or an established professional who wants to grow your business, we’ll have a new plan to fit your needs.  

During the process of rolling out these new plans, we’ll continue to offer everything you’ve come to expect from us: market-leading technology, word-class support and innovative new products and services. The products you currently use will continue to be supported. You won’t need to change your workflow, projects or current website unless you choose to as these new plans become available.

This is our first giant leap in giving you the most powerful platform in the industry to expand your craft and run your business.

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