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Service Update

April 4, 2024

Average time to restore an individual gallery from Archive: presently 17 hours (target 12 hours)

Please note all galleries are available to be restored by clients and photographers while we complete the gallery synchronization.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Archive is a cloud-based, data storage area for your galleries – those that were last modified by you (the photographer) more than 14 months ago. When galleries are moved to Archive, they are securely stored in an inactive state. An Archived gallery is not immediately accessible on your site, but any gallery can be made active and available again if either you (or your client/gallery visitor) requests to restore the galleries to an active state. Galleries that haven’t been changed in the past 14 months will be placed in the Archive section of your account, unless they are among the up to 20 galleries you’ve selected to never archive in your gallery access settings.

Due to some challenges in completing our recent massive data migration to the cloud, we encountered delays in connecting the archived images with their associated galleries, and this is the underlying cause of a majority of the issues that our users have experienced.

We have now implemented multiple processes to identify such instances and are resolving these errors as quickly as we can whenever these errors occur.

We are working quickly to resolve any interrupted connections between affected galleries and photos to ensure that users can promptly retrieve and download their photos from archive storage, view images, and seamlessly manage their galleries.

Most issues have been resolved. We anticipate a complete solution and resolution to these issues within the next three weeks. Please refer to the service update page for biweekly reports on our progress.

Our Customer Support team has been diligently addressing a very large and atypical influx of support request tickets related to Archive. The team is doing their best to respond to everyone as promptly as they can. If you are on our Pro or Advanced Plans, our chat widget is still available. If an agent is not able to respond immediately, your message will still be seen, and they will contact you via email as soon as possible.

In most cases, galleries and images will be restored without any manual intervention from Customer Support. If a gallery is taking longer than 24 hours to restore, or if you are receiving a Case ID error message, please reach out. We are currently looking into further automating solutions for stuck retrievals. However, in the meantime, please contact us directly.

When contacting support, please include the following information. This will help our team assist you more efficiently. We kindly request that you prioritize your requests for gallery restores to those that are urgently needed or appear to be stuck.

Case ID error:

  • Via chat: Type in “Case ID” at the start of the chat. This will trigger the chatbot to direct you to the Case ID submission information. From there, simply copy and paste the Case ID into the chat and provide your name and email for follow-up.
  • Via email: Use the subject line “Case ID error.” In the body of your email, please copy and paste the Case ID and/or the gallery link.  We only need one case ID per gallery. 
  • Once a restore is initiated, it will take 12-24 hours for the restore to be completed. 

Gallery having difficulties restoring/archiving (over 24 hours): 

  • Via chat or email: Please send us the gallery name(s) you need urgently restored. If you have multiple galleries with the same name, please send us the group folder name(s) that we can use to identify the appropriate galleries.

Like all businesses dependent on hardware and software, our platform requires maintenance, server replacement, software upgrades to provide better service and scaling to accommodate growth, and, critically, to upgrade data security. 

Our Classic Platform was run on dozens of very large capacity servers that needed to be updated. To improve the responsiveness of the platform and the security of the billions of images you entrust us with, we have completed moving all customer photos and data to the cloud. In recent years, the costs associated with data transfer and active commercial storage through cloud storage providers have surged to nearly four times their usual rates. Moving images to an Archive state after 14 months helps us keep our fees to you manageable and improve the processing speed of the platform. 

You can restore galleries at any time. To do so, click on Archive in the toolbox area of your account. The Archive tool includes a search function that enables you to search for galleries using group name, gallery name, or assigned keywords. After you locate the gallery just click Restore to start the restoration process.

The expected restoration time frame for Archived galleries is 12 hours. However, due to current delays, we’ve listed the average restoration time at the top of this page. 

If a gallery is still displaying “Archiving”, you can click the Restore button. This action will prioritize the gallery for movement into Archive, and the system will then automatically restore it. The expected restoration time frame in this case is 24 hours.

Galleries that have not been modified by you (the photographer) in 14 months will be moved into Archive. 

Once a gallery is in Archive, it can be restored to your site. You, your clients and visitors to your site will be able to restore galleries. If you wish to be in control of gallery restoration, this setting can be changed by you.

When visiting an archived gallery, the client or visitor will see the gallery has been archived. To restore it, they will be prompted to enter an email address. A notification will be sent to that email address once the gallery is live and ready to be viewed. Restoration to active availability takes approximately 12 hours. As the photographer, you too will receive a notification when a gallery restoration is requested. 

A gallery retrieved from Archive storage will stay in an active status for 14 months.

For instructions on how to use the archive tool, please see this support guide: https://support.zenfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/18737627866131 

Because Archiving is a platform-wide change that affects all Classic accounts, presently there is not an ability to opt-out. However, you can choose up to 20 galleries that will never be moved to the archived state through your gallery settings.