Zenfolio has been crucial in helping me build a successful photography business.

- Steve Bridgwood

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About Steve


Having always had a huge interest in film production and cinematography, his career choice was a natural step for Steve whose goal is always to bring that cinematic feel to his photography.

Over a short space of time Steve has grown into a highly regarded and sought after wedding photographer who has photographed weddings throughout the UK as well as the more far-flung places overseas.

Steve has built a truly distinct style within wedding photography—edgy, creative, contemporary, vibrant and most of all fun!


Where is your home base?

I live with my family in a beautiful part of the UK just outside of the Peak District—a perfect location for a photographer.

I love to photograph weddings that are local as well as travel around the globe to capture a couple's big day.

What is your photography genre/specialty?

My main focus is wedding photography, but I also take on some commercial work. 

What is your most memorable image and why?

I couldn’t choose just one. Every time I photograph a wedding they genuinely are so different, and I’m inspired not only by the couple but also the venue and the vibe of the day.

Why did you become a photographer? What drives you to capture images and has this changed over time?

I’ve been around photography my whole life as my father is also a professional photographer, so it was natural that I chose this path. Since the age of seven I’ve always had a camera in my hand, and from there my passion was ignited. After being asked to photograph a friend’s wedding a few years ago, I was hooked and never looked back.

Do you have any personal rituals to help you get ready for a shoot? What are they?

I always listen to music on my drive to the venue, as it helps to get me in the right mindset for the day ahead.

What are the top 5 things you can’t live without while on a shoot?

My Nikon cameras—a D750 and D800, which always deliver the results I need no matter what the situation. Then there are my 35mm and 85mm lenses, which give me a great focal range and wide apertures. And finally a good shirt and comfy shoes!

How do you regain your inspiration if you hit a creative rut?

Stick some of my favourite movies on both new and old, to see how the directors interpret their vision by making use of creative angles, light and colour palettes, and then look to see how I can factor this into my photography.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your journey as a photographer?

A lot of my inspiration and new ideas come from films. I like to see the colour palettes, angles and unexpected shots that directors use that give their films their distinctive look and feel—from the signature colour grading of a Tim Burton film to the outstanding cinematography of a Stanley Kubrick film.

If you could share just one tip with aspiring photographers, what would it be?

Take inspiration from others, but stay true and have faith in your own creative vision and in developing your own style. This is ultimately what will make you different and stand out.

What are the top three Zenfolio features essential to helping you run your business?

Having a Zenfolio website has been crucial in helping me to build a successful photography business.

One of the most important features of the Zenfolio offering is that as soon as a couple’s wedding photography is ready I am able to point them directly to my website’s online galleries via client access to view, download, share their images and purchase products without any involvement from me. Other key features for me include how easy it is to create the customized web pages that I want, and the blog feature that helps drive huge amounts of traffic and business to my website.

If you could second shoot with any photographer (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

One of my fellow Zenfolio buddies, Martin Hobby, who never fails to bring the party to a wedding!

How has the photography world changed since you turned pro?

The photography world continues to be a crowded one with lots of talent, but for me it’s all about remaining true to my creative vision so that my style remains my own.

What one piece of software besides Zenfolio do you consider to be vital in your workflow?

Without a doubt Lightroom, but I also couldn’t live without Alien Skin Exposure, which allows me to give my finished photographs the look and vibe that I want.