News from Zenfolio

January 15, 2006

Zenfolio service goes live!

Zenfolio service is now open to subscribers.

Big "thank you" to our Beta users and the hard working team at Zenfolio for finishing everything in time for the launch.

Zenfolio service now features complete photo management and organization functionality including galleries and groups. Six beautiful Themes combined with page Layouts create truly impactful and elegant presentations.

The service also features industry-leading access control management applied from the Home page level down to individual photographs including options to password-protect, limit access to a list of users, and making items private as well as public.

We are particularly proud of the image processing quality we were able to achieve. The uploaded full size photographs are converted to display images in six different sizes using the best quality resizing algorithms available. The resulting images preserve the fidelity of the originals when displayed across all screen sizes.

And last but not least is the Search & Browse functionality. Powerful queries search descriptions, including keywords, categories, titles, and captions returning results in your choice of galleries or photographs. The Browse option gives visitors access to the Most Popular, Recent, and subject-matching galleries and photos with a single mouse click.

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