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July 17, 2006

Introducing Collections and a whole lot more!

This turned out to be one big release with major new functionality and enhancements addressing user feedback.

Put Together your Favorite Collections

Collections can be used to save links to photos from you and other Zenfolio users. You can now reference the same photo in several Collections without having to upload the photo many times. Collections are also great for saving together photos from several Zenfolio users taken at the same event or location. Or for collecting in one place your favorite photos on a specific subject. There are many ways to use Collections so be creative!

As opposed to Galleries, Collections hold only links to the photos but not the actual files. And if you wish, you can specify to not allow your photographs to be added to Collections by others.

Free Subscriptions for Registered Visitors

Registered Visitors can save photographs from other Zenfolio users in Collections, and show them on their own Home page with a custom address. Registration takes less than a minute and subscription is completely free.

Ability to Setup Custom Domain Name

This was a highly requested feature that we are certain will make your galleries look even more custom. If you have your own domain name registered you can now setup the CNAME record for it to point to your Zenfolio account. It will become the address to your Home page and all the links to your photo pages and galleries will begin with it. If you are an Unlimited plan subscriber, check Preferences for more details.

Larger Thumbnails

By popular demand we are bringing out larger 120px thumbnails in addition to the existing ones. The new thumbnails have more than double the size of the original thumbnails. By default, smaller thumbnails are displayed for lower screen resolutions, and larger thumbnails are displayed for higher screen resolutions achieving the best presentation experience across all screen resolutions. Users can override this default in either direction on a per gallery basis.

Current Themes and Layouts Updated

Complete overhaul of current page layouts resulted in more functional pages and more customization options. All current themes received visual enhancements and improvements.

Other new features include:

  • Two new themes: Subtle and Playground
  • Customizable e-mail invitations visually matching gallery and collection theme
  • Sending referral invitations is now easier using automated message system
  • Photographer Copyright field is now editable per photograph so you can give proper credit

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