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April 10, 2009

Collect Payments for Custom Products through PayPal, New Price List Features, Added fotoflōt Products, and New Themes

We know that many of you have been waiting patiently for the ability to collect payments for custom orders you fulfill yourselves. With this release we have added the ability for you to use your own PayPal account in the Shopping Cart so clients can pay you directly through a seamless Checkout experience.

We have also lowered the service fee for self-fulfilled custom orders to 4% (down from 6%). Combined with the new option to use your own PayPal account for collecting payments, Zenfolio now offers the most complete solution for both photographers wishing to fulfill their own orders and those who wish to use Zenfolio print partners.

Adding External Web Site as a Custom Home Page

We have studied carefully how many professional photographers integrate Zenfolio into their workflow and came up with an innovative way of making Zenfolio an even better client proofing site.

Premium users now have a choice of adding an external portfolio web site in place of the Zenfolio Home page. Your Display Name and the Home link on all your pages will take viewers to an address determined by the preferences you set. You will find this feature in the Preferences of your Premium account.

Price List Improvements

  • Price Lists can be printed neatly using the special Print function
  • Ability to export Price Lists in CSV format compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs
  • Full control over the sorting order of items presented in the Add to Cart window using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Give this one a try, the simplicity of rearranging items cannot be overstated.

Introducing New Vendor: fotoflōt

We have added fotoflōt as a new vendor to the Zenfolio E-Commerce platform. Photographers are now able to sell frameless fotoflōt prints by setting their own prices and making a profit. fotoflōts are innovative products printed on real photographic paper, bonded to hard acrylic surface, and laser-cut to size, resulting in extremely precise edges. They come with innovative magnetic mounting hardware for displaying on your desk or hanging on a wall. Try ordering one and you will be hooked!

See the complete list of available fotoflōt products and prices.

Announcing Integration with the Eye-Fi Cards

We are very happy to announce that you can use the Eye-Fi cards to upload wirelessly to your Zenfolio account from any Wi-Fi enabled location. The Eye-Fi card stores photos like a traditional memory card, and fits in most cameras. When you turn your camera on within range of a configured Wi-Fi network, it can wirelessly transfer photos to your Zenfolio account. Learn more about the Eye-Fi cards.

Other New Features and Improvements Include:

  • Introduced two new Themes: Romantic and Vintage
  • Availability of the Express Send to Zenfolio third-party tool for Windows. Installing this tool on your Windows computer allows batch uploading of photos and folders by using the 'Send to Zenfolio' menu on right-click.
  • Added "Best Fit" option to the Add to Cart window to help customers make the best selection from available product sizes based on the aspect ratio of the selected photo.
  • The Zenfolio site is now fully compatible with the recently released Internet Explorer 8 web browser. If you are still using the Internet Explorer 6 browser, please consider upgrading. The new versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are much faster and more secure than IE6.
  • Added the ability to save a Free shipping method for custom products. This is particularly useful if you are personally fulfilling and delivering orders, and there is no need to charge for shipping. Setting the shipping price to 0.00 automatically displays FREE in the Shopping Cart.

New Mpix products and services

We continue to bring you the benefits of our partnership with Mpix as they make available new products and services:

  • added 20"x20" size print in all paper finishes
  • added magnets as a new product in two sizes: 2"x3.5" and 3"x4.5"
  • added a two-sided acrylic key chain product
  • Lustre coating is now available for Metallic prints
  • introduced tracking numbers for USPS Priority Mail and USPS First Class orders. This is really big as customers are able to track and get delivery confirmation on all shipping methods with no additional charge.
  • 5"x5" and 5"x7" size prints in quantities under 50 are now eligible to be shipped using the inexpensive USPS First Class mail service. All small size prints up to the size of 5"x7" can now be shipped using this economical method.

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