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August 14, 2009

Zenfolio helps you be more social, batch downloading of original files, drag-n-drop sorting is here!

This latest update helps connect your photos on Zenfolio with social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

By uploading photos to Zenfolio once, you can then use the new Export feature to move selected photos to your Flickr or Facebook accounts. Export allows you to select destination albums/photosets, privacy settings, as well as apply a branded watermark that can be prepared just for this purpose. For example, you can have your logo placed in a corner of every image at 100% opacity during export to Facebook while keeping your original files on Zenfolio untouched.

We have also renamed the 'Send Link' button in the Visitor View to Share to reflect that in addition to viewing all the provided URLs, you can now quickly share photos with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. You will also find this ability to share in the Edit View, so go ahead and get "social" with your photos!

Drag-n-Drop Sorting of Photos

We know many of you will love this feature. You can select one or many thumbnails in the Edit View and drag them into a new location. This makes manual sorting as easy as doing it on your computer. We were also able to eliminate thumbnail pagination from the Edit View and replace it with a scrollbar and dynamically loading thumbnails. This works faster and allows you to quickly drag photos into a new order no matter how many photos you have.

Other Enhancements:

  • Thumbnails in the Edit View display a small W icon in a corner if watermarks are applied to make them easy to identify.
  • You have voted and we delivered: visitors and photographers can batch Download Original Files from an entire gallery/collection. Visitors access this feature from a photo overlay menu, if enabled by photographer, by moving their mouse over any large image. Photographers can also access this feature from the Edit View under Photo Actions. This is in addition to the Zenfolio Downloader tool available to account owners.
  • E-mail addresses are now optionally collected while leaving photo comments and guestbook entries to make it easier to reply.
  • Added new subcategory: Sports > Watersports > Surfing

The Shopping Cart received a small facelift by having Paper types, Framing and Mounting, and other options more discoverable.

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