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February 18, 2011

Behold custom web pages, digest comments page, and exporting contacts.

Introducing Custom Pages

This is something that was requested a lot and it is finally here. In addition to the built-in pages provided with your account (such as About, Contact, Search, etc) you can now create any number of your own Custom Pages and link to them from the Site Menu or from anywhere else.

No coding is required to create these pages as you can use Rich Edit Controls similar to what you would find in Word or Outlook. You can use formatting tools, create tables, insert any photo from your Zenfolio account (naturally) as well as embed objects from other services such as videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto, etc) slideshows, banners, buttons, etc.

Each page gets its own URL and you can edit the Title and META description fields. You can also control whether pages are crawled by search engines.

If you know your way around HTML you can also switch to a Source mode and edit directly at your own risk.

Digest page with Photo Comments and Guestbook Entries

In addition to the e-mail notifications you receive whenever a new comment is posted, there is now a single place where all photo comments and guestbook entries are shown in chronological order. You can find this digest page under the My Zenfolio header at the top of the Organizer.

This page provides an easy way to process all the posts as you filter them by gallery/group/collection and use text search. You can also easily add names of new people to your Contacts List and moderate/delete posts.

Comments Moderation: Approve Before Publishing

We have added the one missing piece of being able to approve photo comments and guestbook entries before they are made public. This is something familiar to blog users and we are happy to add this to the site. To enable moderation, select the item in the Organizer and go under the Access Control | Comments tab.

It is also now possible to turn any public post to a private post instead of deleting it. And if you do decide to delete, the post will now be removed permanently instead of just being hidden.

Exporting Contact List

Hopefully, you are enjoying the Contacts List feature and have been accumulating names and e-mail addresses of your visitors and clients. If you would like to use your favorite e-mail marketing service for ongoing communications, you can now Export this list out of Zenfolio as a CSV file and import it into your favorite broadcast tool.

Other enhancements include:

  • Improvements to Favorites selection and visibility
  • Added ability to Buy and Add to Favorites from the Dim-the-Lights mode
  • Consolidated visitor Download menu now also includes saving smaller image sizes, if enabled
  • Buying from a Thumbnails page now offers clients a choice to “Buy All” or to go back and make a selection first
  • Added a warning to the Cropping window that any white space included in the crop rectangle will be actually printed
  • Thumbnails page can now be hidden selectively on a per gallery or collection level. You can control this from the Customize Visitor View | Page Options | Thumbnails tab. Previously, this was a global setting (all or none).

Test Calibration Order for MpixPro [Premium Business users]

We have added the ability to place one free test order with MpixPro to make sure your workflow and monitor calibration are matching printed output. MpixPro will print your photos “as is” with no corrections or enhancements applied so it is critical that you match what you see on your screen with the prints. To help with that, you can now select 5 photos and have them printed as 8x10 prints. They will be delivered to you by FedEx overnight and there is no charge for this test order.

You will see the option to place this order from the Edit View after you click the Buy link.

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