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February 17, 2012

Photo Blogs, Multi-user Accounts, Mobile Browsing, and more...

Our goal is to provide photographers with a complete service for presenting and selling work online. As we continue listening to your feedback, we are happy to announce another exciting release. This time we introduce some of your top-requested features that should make Zenfolio even more useful for you.

Photography Blogs

Have your portfolio, client galleries, and a blog – all in one place. Every Zenfolio account gets a fully integrated photo blog while maintaining the same design identity and allowing for an easy showcase of photos and videos in blog posts. You can choose from a selection of professional layouts for your blog pages: show full articles, or display short abstracts with images inviting your visitors to explore further.

Your Blog is available in the Organizer. If you have an existing blog hosted somewhere else, you can import recent posts using the RSS feed. And when you are ready to share your blog, link to it from the Site Menu by selecting Blog as one of the Built-in Pages.

Premium Business: Multi-user Accounts

Grant access to the people who need it. Premium Business subscribers are now able to grant partial management access to their website through user subaccounts.

Different levels of management access can be assigned to accommodate the need for Assistants, Accountants, Contributing Photographers, etc. to have limited access while account owner maintains full control over their access privileges. This was one of the most popular requests from photographers running multi-shooter studios as well as larger organizations.

User Administration is available under the ACCOUNT link from the main menu in the Edit View.

Mobile Browsing

Your website hosted by Zenfolio now has an equally smooth browsing experience whether clients are using a mobile device or a standard browser. The website will be automatically presented in the layout optimized for mobile browsing when opened from a mobile phone (iPhone and Android are currently supported).

Clients are able to easily navigate through your entire portfolio or a single gallery on-the-go with smooth touch-navigation, swipes, and menus designed specifically for mobile screens. And we will be continually improving the experience after the initial launch.

Improvements to Text Editor

We have made several important updates to the Rich Text Editor used for editing Custom Pages and Blog posts. Inserting and changing images and videos has been simplified. Images can now use Theme styling for borders and decorations. We have also added new table formatting features – they are available when right-clicking inside a table cell. The Editor's toolbar received a facelift to make it easier to use.

Google+ Integration

You can increase the exposure for your website by displaying the Goolge+ button on your Home page and linking it to your Google+ page. Update your Contact Information with the Google+ page URL and it will be automatically updated on your Home page.

Sites with Custom Domain Names can take advantage of CDN

We have added CDN (Content Distribution Network) support for websites with custom domain names. To take advantage of the global Akamai CDN network, configure your domain name with a CNAME record pointing to This will improve the viewing experience of your website for visitors from anywhere in the world.

See this Help article for the detailed configuration instructions.

Updated iPhoto Plug-in

The iPhoto Upload plug-in has been updated. Photos can now be uploaded without any resizing, uploading videos is now supported, and a few smaller issues have been addressed. The minimum system requirements to use the plug-in are Mac OS 10.6 and iPhoto 7 (iLife '08) and higher.

Other enhancements:

  • Added video duration indication to Visitor View
  • Added API support for video
  • Improved performance of loading Slideshows, especially for users outside North America
  • Added "Archery" as a subcategory of "Sports"

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