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May 4, 2012

Improvements to photo blogs and custom pages, updated mobile sites, launching Miller’s Storefront, new products from One Vision Imaging, and more

For all customers worldwide

We have updated the ORGANIZER in the Edit View to have a cleaner look with more room for long lists by grouping organizer items into sections. This style of expandable interface, also known as accordion, will soon find its way to other sections of the Edit View.

We have increased the maximum file size for photos to 64MB for Premium and Premium Business subscribers and to 36MB for Basic and Unlimited subscribers. Maximum duration for video was increased to 20 minutes for all accounts supporting video uploads.

Improvements to photo blogs and custom pages

When inserting photos into photo blogs or custom pages, the default size option now is set to Auto-fit images to the page. No more guessing on the image dimensions.

And you can now just as easily insert self-running slide shows right from the menu bar. The slideshow configuration popup guides you through the steps of selecting a gallery and an optional soundtrack, configuring opening/closing slides, choosing colors and control buttons, and specifying the final size. And you can just as easily edit embedded slide shows if you need to make a change.

Updates to Mobile sites

  • Mobile site pages now include the option to save and share Favorites
  • The Pinch-to-zoom gesture is now available while viewing photos in your mobile browser
  • Added an option to disable displaying Mobile site pages under Customize Visitor View | Site Settings

Other changes:

  • Added an optional Phone field to Contact page form so you can collect telephone numbers
  • Added subscription receipt to Account Statement making it easy to find and print
  • Export to Facebook now transfers photo Captions as well as Titles
  • Fixed a problem in Zenfolio HTML uploader where the upload order was not always kept
  • Zenfolio HTML uploader now better handles duplicate files, allowing you to keep or remove duplicates from the upload queue
  • We have a completely new and updated Help Center with improved search and updated help content

For our US customers

Miller’s Storefront powered by Zenfolio launched

Miller’s lab customers can now use the new Miller’s Storefront powered by Zenfolio and sell Miller’s Weddings & Portraits as well as Miller’s Schools, Sports, & Events products. You need to have an existing Miller’s account to signup. Please contact Miller’s lab for more information or to open an account with the largest professional print lab in the US.

For our European and UK customers

More products from One Vision Imaging photo lab

New products added: Place Mats and Luxury Slip-in Mounts for prints. We have also updated the Mouse Pad, it is a high quality product worth checking out.

Added the award-winning line of Frames and Mounts with over 50 different frame styles and up to three levels of mounts in 28 colors. Here is the complete table with images and prices (you need to be logged in to see prices). You can markup and sell framed prints by adding them to your Price Lists.

Improvements to VAT and units of measure switching

Premium and Premium Business subscribers in the UK and Europe can see value added tax (VAT) calculated in Price Lists per product (if VAT was specified under SELLING | VAT) and included in Reports making VAT reporting much simpler.

Added an option to Add to Cart to manually switch Units of measure from Inches to Cm and back. This is in addition to automatically detecting client preferences and displaying corresponding unit of measure. All products shipping to Europe have dimensions available in either units.

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