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July 20, 2012

Integration with more labs in the United States and Australia, better sharing, enhancements to digital products, and more…

For all customers worldwide:

Introducing ivoke™ – innovative products for ordering and selling

Zenfolio is now integrated with a new photo printer, ivoke™. Choose from an exciting selection of novelty photo products, available to order and sell, such as aluminum panels, iPhone cases, iPad covers, and more. View lab information and product catalog .

All these new products are available to order for yourself or you can choose to include them in a price list with a markup for sale.

Sharing made easier

Now it’s easier than ever to share your photos and promote your work. With the redesigned Share window you can conveniently share photos or galleries on popular social networks. You can also email links to galleries or individual image sizes, copy/paste shortened URLs, or even use the embed code to easily display your photos on forums or blogs with the link back to your gallery on Zenfolio. You can configure the new Share window under the Share tab in the Page Elements menu in the Customize Visitor View.

Integration with Pinterest

We now support image sharing via Pinterest, enabling you to promote your photos virally. The PinIt button can be displayed under every photo as well as in the new Share window, so your visitors can pin your photos on their pin boards. To enable the Pinterest button, go to the Page Elements menu in the Customize Visitor View.

If you want to make sure that your photos are not available for pinning on Pinterest, simply turn off the Pinterest Button from the Share window and hide it from your Photo Pages under Customize Visitor View>Page Elements.

Easily hide a gallery from visitors

When we say easily, we mean it: just check the box “Hide thumbnail from visitors” in the toolbox and the gallery will not be displayed on your website. However, you can still share the gallery by providing the URL to those you trust.

Using photos as thumbnails for videos (poster frames)

Now you can assign any photo as a thumbnail to represent a video. To do this, select “Change Video Thumbnail” from the video menu and either select a frame from the video or click the “Use a photo” tab and select any photo from your galleries.

Explicit ALT tags

When images are displayed on web pages there is usually an ALT tag included which typically contains a description of an image. This tag helps the discoverability of your photographs by search engines. Now you can explicitly set the ALT tag for the photos in your galleries to assist search engines with indexing and displaying your photos in relevant search results (this is also called Search Engine Optimization or SEO).

To create a tag you can type your own text into the ALT tag, or keep it the same as the photo title. You can find this feature in the Title and Description popup from the Toolbox in the Edit View.

More power for mobile sites

We’ve added more muscle to the mobile version of your website. Now when your clients open your website from a mobile device they will be able to use fully-functional guest books and post photo comments.

New products from Mpix

The following new products are now available for ordering through Mpix:

  • Playing Cards – a standard deck of cards with your photo printed on the back of each card. They can be printed on stock or pearl paper and have a layer of protective coating on top.
  • Small Clings – 7-inch round stickers available in 12 design templates plus a custom one. Clings are printed on premium material with light adhesive for easy-on and clean-off.

For Premium and Premium Business Customers:

Self-fulfilled products – improved shipping options

If you offer self-fulfilled products to your clients, you might appreciate the improved configuration of shipping options. Amongst these options is the ability to specify the number of smaller packages that fit into larger packages, which will reduce shipping costs to your clients when multiple-sized packages are ordered.

Selling: digital product enhancements

Digital products are very popular with clients, so we’ve added a few useful enhancements to selling:

  1. Choice to exclude digital orders from the approval workflow. If you set this option digital orders will be available for download right away, while prints and products will still require your approval before the order goes to the lab. This option is under the Approval Settings of Price Lists.
  2. Digital licenses are now bundled with digital downloads. When your clients download their digital purchases the license text file will be included along with images. This way your clients can review or print the terms of license agreements after downloading files.
  3. We will now be sending you an email notification when clients download photos from digital orders. If you prefer, you can unsubscribe from these notifications in your account preferences.
  4. For every image in a digital order you will now see the status message showing whether the image has been downloaded or not.

Retouching services from Mpix, MpixPro, and Miller’s

Integration with retouching services from our flagship labs allows you to offer retouching services to your clients. Expert artists will put their finishing touches on your photos and erase the little hassles that can crop up in your favorite images. You can offer retouching services by packaging them with prints or by adding them to pending orders at the order approval step.

New products from the MpixPro lab

The following new products have been added from the MpixPro lab (for Premium Business subscribers):

  • Luxe Frames – The stylish and elegant Luxe frames are available in four shapes and five colors. They come ready to hang with prints mounted to styrene and protected with Lustre coating.
  • Print Wraps – Printed on photographic paper and laminated with a mounting block on the back, Print Wraps easily create that gallery look inside your client’s home.

Selling to tax-exempt organizations

If you sell to a non-profit or other tax-exempt organization and need to avoid charging the sales tax or VAT you can do so by creating a tax-exempt contact in your Contacts list. When a client uses the email address marked in the contacts list as tax-exempt during checkout the sales tax or VAT will not be charged. Note that all requests to create tax-exempt contacts will have to be reviewed and approved by Zenfolio.

Last product added to cart recall feature

After an order has been placed, the last three products will be displayed in the Buy menu allowing your clients to quickly purchase photos as the same product without the need to browse the product catalog every time.

Other updates

  • The Price List Assignment popup has been redesigned, making it cleaner and easier to use.
  • We gave a little facelift to our homepage, so tell your friends to stop by and check out what Zenfolio can do for them.
  • Bookmarks, Press-printed cards, Business Cards, Rep Cards, and Flat Cards from MpixPro and Miller’s Professional Imaging labs are now available in 6 paper types: Cover Stock, Pearl, Linen, Recycled, Cotton, and Bamboo.

Customers in Australia

Welcome Australian customers! We are now offering new subscription plans in Australian Dollars and have integrated with a new printing partner, Nulab and NuShots, located in Melbourne, Australia.

To celebrate the new pricing plans we have a special introductory offer for both new and existing subscribers alike. When you take advantage of the plans priced in AUD we will lock in the price for the lifetime of your account. The introductory prices are as follows:

  • Basic – AU$40
  • Unlimited – AU$80
  • Premium – AU$100 (Increases to AU$160 after August 31st, 2012)
  • Premium Business – AU$200 (Increases to AU$240 after August 31st, 2012)

Take advantage of our introductory special and lock in your lower price today!

Nulab is available for Premium and Premium Business subscribers. Nulab delivers professional quality digital printing and mounting services to the most discerning photographers. View lab information and product catalog.

NuShots is available to our Basic and Unlimited subscribers for ordering prints and products. Premium and Premium Business subscribers can also sell products from NuShots. The great selection of high-quality products ranges from small prints to framed canvases. View lab information and product catalog.

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