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November 9, 2012

Many more songs from Triple Scoop Music, photo download tracking, play videos in slide shows, and support for StatCounter

For all customers worldwide:

Thousands of new songs from Triple Scoop Music

Over the last few years Triple Scoop Music has been actively growing their music library. To capitalize on the increased options we are proud to announce a new add-on plan, called TSM 10K. This new plan provides access to the full Triple Scoop Music library of over 10,000 songs and is available to all users for $100 a year.

Beginning November 9, 2012, we invite all Zenfolio users to try the new TSM 10K plan FREE for 30 days. Get more information on the partnership and preview the music on the Triple Scoop Music partner page.

Support for StatCounter

We have added support for StatCounter, a popular free tool for monitoring and understanding website visitors. To use StatCounter with your site you first need to have an account with StatCounter, then attach the code they generate to your Zenfolio account. You can find more details under PREFERENCES | Visitor Tracking.

Play Videos in Slideshows

All Zenfolio slideshows can now play videos, in addition to photos. If videos are included in the source gallery or collection they will be play in sequence, along with the photos, creating a complete and dynamic presentation.

Turn Group pages into events

Similarly to how you customize the website Home page, you can now create events by turning Groups into mini-sites. By selecting a portfolio-style layout for a Group page, and then placing a slideshow with music and links to specific galleries, you can create personalized presentations for your clients. Selecting the layout with slideshow for an empty group allows you to present different categories of your portfolio as slideshows.

You will find these settings under Customize Visitor View | Page Layouts and Page Options while looking at a Group page.

Selecting the layout with slideshow for an empty group allows you to present different categories of your portfolio as slideshows.

Quick blog posts

Creating quick blog posts is now easy. Simply select a photo, add a short caption, and publish it on a blog with a single click. You will find Quick Blog posts in the Share window for any photo or directly on the Blog page in the Edit View. Look for Quick blog post publishing via free Zenfolio Android and iOS apps soon.

For Premium and Premium Business users worldwide:

Tracking photo downloads

We’re happy to deliver on the long-standing request to be able to track how many times a photo has been downloaded and who downloaded it. Every photo now has a report available from the Toolbox that lists this information, including the names of your registered contacts. This information is available for all future downloads.

Issuing order discounts is now easier

Premium Business users can apply coupons after orders are placed by selecting from a list of available coupons. Even coupons that have expired can be retrieved and all the details displayed before they are applied.

Other enhancements:

  • Support for replacing videos. You can replace a video with a different video file by uploading a new video first and then selecting the Replace menu on the original video. All links and comments will be preserved.
  • Ability to reprint client order Receipts to resend to clients
  • The option to switch between the fixed and dynamic page width for group and gallery layouts. Now you can have the same fixed width for the homepage, built-in and custom pages, as well as for groups and galleries. The new setting is under Customize Visitor View -> Page Options -> Layout Options The new setting is under Customize Visitor View -> Page Options -> Layout Options
  • Added two new Themes: Autumn and Whimsy.

More Products and Services from Vendors:

New frames from Mpix and MpixPro:

Blond Maple Frame, Espresso Walnut Frame, and White Frame are now available in all print sizes.

New products from MpixPro and Miller's Weddings and Portraits:

5x7 Luxe Frames (5x7 print, 8.5" x 10.25" overall) -- These stylish and elegant Luxe frames are now available in 5x7 size and in five colors. They come ready to hang or stand with prints mounted to Styrene and protected with Lustre coating.

Updates from PictureItPostage

We have added new small size custom stamps in all denominations. This more compact stamp features a square image size (1" x 1") in stunning quality. You can also order different photos as stamps in the same order now without needing to pay multiple shipping charges.

New products from ivoke:

  • Tumbled Porcelain Coasters
  • 16 oz Frosted Stein Mug with full image wrap
  • iPhone 5 Case

New products from Photobox:

  • Lite Canvas (8 sizes)
  • Premium Canvas (14 sizes)
  • Acrylic (6 sizes)
  • Mounted Gallery Prints (10 sizes)
  • Aluminum Mounted Prints (10 sizes)

See all available products on the corresponding partner pages.

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