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January 25, 2013

Custom product templates, new card designs from Zenfolio and Mpix, updated shopping cart, and more products to order and sell from Mpix and MpixPro.

Custom Templates

We are pleased to announce that we have added new functionality for you to create and sell custom greeting cards and magnets. Now you can delight your clients by providing them with unique greeting card designs for any occasion.

Creating custom designs is easy. Simply select a product, such as a flat or a folded greeting card, upload a background image and put placeholders for one or more photos onto the background. Next, add boxes for text, specify the occasion, add a preview image, and your design is ready to go.

Once you add this product to your price list your designs will be made available for your clients to purchase. Clients can then pick the design they like, put photos into placeholders, add text, and see a live preview before checkout.

This feature is currently available for greeting cards and magnets from Mpix and MpixPro labs We will be adding support for custom templates for other products and across all partner labs shortly.

New Product Designs

We have partnered with professional designers to bring you some exciting greeting card designs for a variety of occasions. Choose from designs unique to Zenfolio as well as a selection of designs offered by Mpix and MpixPro.

New Products From Mpix

We are expanding the list of products offered through the Mpix family of labs so now you can offer your customers even more choices. New additions include the following products:

Flat greeting cards

Mpix (4" x 5.5" | 5" x 5" | 5" x 5" Circle | 5" x 7")
MpixPro (3" x 3" | 4" x 5.5" | 4" x 8" | 5" x 5" | 5" x 7")

Folded Greeting Cards

Mpix (4" x 5.5" | 5" x 7")
MpixPro (4" x 5.5" | 5" x 5" | 5" x 7" | 5" x 7" Wide Format)


Mpix (4" x 5.5" | 5" x 7")
MpixPro (3" x 4.5" | 2" x 3.5")


Collages are prints with several photos arranged in them. You can create templates for collages by arranging several photo placeholders on a blank canvas. Your clients can fill the placeholders with photos and can even add framing to create exciting finished products.

We will be adding more sizes and more pre-made templates for collages shortly.

Old Greeting Cards - Discontinued

Note that old greeting cards have been discontinued. For now, if you have them in your price lists, they will still be available for ordering, however, if you want to take advantage of the new template designs or use your own custom designs, please add the products above to your price list and select the templates you want to sell.

We will be continuously expanding the catalog of products available for custom templates.

Updated Shopping Cart and Checkout

We’ve made several updates to the shopping cart. Now your clients can choose a theme-birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc-and preview greeting card designs before purchase. We’ve also streamlined the process for selecting photos for packages and products with multiple images. These new cropping and options pages will make it easier for your clients to configure prints and products, add frames, or change product size. We’ve also improved the checkout flow, so your clients can breeze through it faster.

Updated Android App

The free app for mobile devices that run Android operating systems has been updated. It is now faster and compatible with more devices. Download the app from the Google Play Store.

European Union (EU) Cookies Law Compliance

Your visitors will now see a bar on top of the page informing them about cookies usage and linking to the cookies policy. This feature complies with the EU Law, which outlines how cookies are used for storing information on user’s devices.

Infrastructure Improvements

Though you can’t see it on the surface, we’ve made some changes to our infrastructure that your customers will appreciate. Now they’ll get even faster loading, more responsive pages with large images and snappy navigation.

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