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March 8, 2013

Sell and download videos, gallery downloads, template editing enhancements, new print products, more template designs

Sell Your Videos

In direct response to your feature request, we are pleased to announce that you can now sell videos on Zenfolio. Just like with photo downloads, you can sell video downloads in multiple sizes. To start selling videos create a new Digital Product, select “Video” as the product type, and add it to a price list. It’s that easy! If you plan to sell videos, please familiarize yourself with the updated Terms of Use that cover selling videos.

Along with selling, we’ve also added Access Control protections for videos so you can set the largest video size that will be shown to visitors. With this feature you’ll be able to delight clients with a preview of your videos at a lower-fidelity, while offering the full HD version available for purchase only.

New Video Downloading Options

In conjunction with our new video selling option we have also added support for downloading videos. This is available for you, and optionally for your clients.

Edit View

You can download the largest generated video size at any time from the Edit View. Videos will also be automatically included in full gallery downloads.

Visitor View

Want clients to be able to easily download your videos? Now you have that option. You can do this by going to Customize Visitor View | Page Options | Page Elements from a gallery and check the box to make videos downloadable. You can also control whether the “Download” link is shown in the toolbar for videos.

If you already show the option to save resized image sizes in the overlay menu, the option to save videos will now be shown as well. To limit the largest video size that will be shown or downloaded, go to the new Video Protection tab in Access Control.

Download Tracking

To help you keep track of everything, video downloads of all sizes are tracked in the Edit View. Click on the number of video downloads in the Toolbox to see details, including client information when available.

Sell an Entire Gallery as Downloads

We have added an exciting new option to Digital Download products that makes it easy to sell an entire gallery of photos or videos, all at once, as a digital download. You now have complete control over the minimum and maximum number of items in the download. And by choosing the “auto-fill” option clients will have their products automatically pre-filled with all available photos in one easy step.

Self-Fulfilled Product Improvements

There are now more ways to fine-tune your self-fulfilled products. Create products that apply to videos, like a wedding DVD, and set large products to auto-fill from a gallery.

Enhancements to Custom Templates Editor

We are continuing to improve our template editor to make it easier for you to create stunning designs that will WOW your clients. The editor is now resizable for more precise placement of placeholders. Text and photo placeholders can be duplicated to easily create multiple placeholders of the same size, and text placeholders that are duplicated will keep the same default text. We have also added alignment and spacing tools that function like those used in visual editing software, as well as the ability to edit placeholder sizes and positions directly in pixels for when exact measurements are needed.

In addition to these ease-of-use improvements, you can now create your own custom templates for a wider range of products. Choices include accordion minis, magazine covers, flat and folded cards, and much more (see below for a full list of new products).

Your clients will see improvements to template-based products as well. We have simplified the process of editing placeholder text and added a framing visualization for collages. Products that come in sets will now be marked that way to eliminate any confusion.

More New Products from Miller’s/Mpix

We continue to expand our product offerings from the Miller’s family of labs. New products include:


  • Accordion Mini (2.5” x 3.5”)
  • Dry Erase Calendar (16” x 12” | 24” x 18”)
  • Growth Chart
  • Notepads
  • Sketchpads
  • Magazine Covers
  • Memory Mates
  • Tickets
  • Trader Cards


  • Accordion Minis (2.5” x 3.5” | 3” x 3”)
  • Business Cards (2” x 3.5”)
  • Folded Business Cards (2” x 7”)
  • Sell Sheets (Flat)
  • Sell Sheets (Bi-Fold)
  • Memory Mates
  • Tickets
  • Trader Cards


  • Accordion Minis (2.5” x 3.5” | 3” x 3”)
  • Folded Greeting Cards (5” x 5” | 5” x 7” | 5” x 7” Wide Format)
  • Folded Business Cards (2” x 7”)
  • Sell Sheets (Flat)

New Products from One Vision Imaging

We are pleased to bring our UK customers new press products and templates from OVI, including:

  • A5 Greeting Cards
  • Bragging Books
  • A6 Postcards
  • Save the Date Postcards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Wedding Invitations

New Designs

To complement all of the new product offerings we have added a host of new designs for Mpix, MpixPro, and OVI products. See all the design templates here:

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