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September 13, 2013

Design, order, and sell photo books; full screen layouts; introducing website presets, and streamlined events workflow

Design, order, and sell Photo Books

Zenfolio now offers the ability to order custom press-printed photo books directly from your website. Choose from a number of book designs, sizes, papers and layout options; add photos, and you’re done! Our custom designs and drag-and-drop tools make it easy to create a beautiful photo book in minutes.

You can order photo books yourself or allow clients to purchase photo books at prices you set. Show the “Create a Book” button in your galleries to make it easy for your clients to start building their own book right away.

You can also build a book for your client, add it to Cart and e-mail the Cart for the client to checkout.

Currently, all press-printed photo books from Mpix and MpixPro are supported and we plan to add photo books from other partner labs in the near future.

Books from Mpix

  • Custom Printed or Art Cloth Hard Cover
    • Available in 5x5", 8x8", 10x10", 8.5x11", 11x8.5"
    • Text Stock, Pearl and Linen paper
    • From 20 pages up to a maximum of 50 pages
    • Art Cloth covers available in a variety of colors
  • Soft Cover
    • Available in 5.5x5.5", 8.5x8.5", 7.75x10"
    • Text Stock, Pearl and Linen paper
    • From 20 pages up to a maximum of 32 pages
    • Saddle-Stitched with staple

Books from MpixPro

Offering all books available from Mpix plus LayFlat books: exactly what their name implies, these books lay flat so photographs aren’t distorted by a binding or lost in the gutter.

  • 20 pages up to a maximum of 40 pages
  • Available in 5x5", 8x8", 10x10", 12x12", 8x12”, 12x8"
  • Cover Stock and Pearl papers
  • Custom printed cover

More professional book designs will be added in the future.

Captivate Visitors with a Full Screen Homepage

We’re excited to release the first set in a series of new customization options for your website. Brand new full screen layouts help you showcase your work in bold new ways. With 12 brand new layouts it’s easier than ever to get the look you want for your website. Each layout introduces new options, such as elements placement and alignment, giving you countless configurations.

By popular demand we’ve added the ability to have a consistent header and footer across all website pages, as well as adjust your header and footer height to accommodate a larger logo.

These enhancements are just the beginning. Stay tuned for even more exciting customization features coming out.

Professionally Designed Website Presets

In conjunction with our new layout designs we have added the ability to apply a complete website look with just one click. Browse our new gallery of presets to find the look you want, and then apply it across your entire website or to just a single page.

When you use a preset you’ll also get a custom theme that you can further customize to suit your brand and unique style.

We will be continuously adding more presets inspired by the best photography websites in the industry.

New Options for Displaying Featured Content

Your new full screen Home page layouts can feature slideshows with music, or a video, or a single photo. Classic homepage layouts and your custom pages can also host third-party embedded content such as videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto, Vuvox and others. You’ll also notice a streamlined new way to add content to your custom and blog pages and more options for how content is displayed.

You now have more control over the size of the slideshow or the image used on your Home page. Automatic sizes or custom dimensions can be specified to precisely match your desired look.

We have enhanced interaction options for blog images: you can set your blog images to display a title and a caption on hover, and to open in a Dim-the-Lights view when clicked.

Phase 1 of Improved Theme Designer Features

Get a truly custom look using the new capabilities we’ve added to our Theme Designer tool. Start with a pre-designed color palette and add custom touches to your website with powerful new customization features including:

  • Dynamically resizable full-screen background for your website
  • Transparency setting in the color picker
  • Rounded corners for buttons, menus, popups, and other elements
  • Gradient fills with pre-designed gradients
  • Soft drop shadows for text and other elements
  • More control over typography settings, such as font sizes, line spacing, and letter spacing
  • More control over Home page, header and footer menus
  • 19 new professionally designed templates – apply them as themes or use them as a starting point for creating your own themes

And, we are far from being done. There will be many more customization features in the upcoming releases.

Streamline Your Events Workflow

Premium Business subscribers can harness the power of Events, a new concept on Zenfolio that lets you create a keyword-searchable mini site for a multi-subject job. Events can either be set to allow open keyword search, or for additional privacy you can restrict access with individual passcodes. Keyword your photos with a unique identifier for each participant and they’ll be able to easily find their own photos.

Mini-site layouts

Choose from several layouts for your event’s landing page and search results pages, including a full screen layout. Turn on social buttons and let your events go viral. With Events, you decide which groups and galleries to make available for your visitors to search – you can use search exclusively to keep your internal organization completely hidden, you can display everything similar to a more traditional Group, or any combination of the two.

Participant lists

Events also make it easy to communicate with your clients – upload a list of your participants and you’ll be able to send emails in bulk that include individual details for each person, such as personalized links to their photos, passcodes, and include a preview of their images.

Sales reports

It’s easy to keep track of your Event sales – one click shows you a filtered sales report.

Events are available to Premium Business subscribers only. You can create new Events or convert any existing Group to an Event using the Organizer menu.

Read more about events »

Bulk Update Your Metadata for Photos and Videos

Wondering what state your captions and keywords are in? We’ve added a bulk option for quickly updating titles, captions, alt text, keywords and copyright information for your photos and videos. Look for the Bulk update metadata link in the Description section of the Toolbox. Download metadata for everything in a group or a gallery, make your changes in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, then re-upload the metadata file and see your changes live within seconds.

More Custom Shipping Methods

You can now offer up to 3 custom shipping methods per vendor in your price lists. Your clients will select the shipping option they want during the checkout while you still have the option to change the actual shipping method during the order approval step.

Point your Home page to blog or a custom page

You can easily set your website Home page to be your Zenfolio blog, any custom page, or any page hosted somewhere else. This new option is under your Account Preferences.

Save Those Favorites

This is a small change with a big impact. When a client creates an account, any Favorites sets that they had been working on will now automatically be saved into their account. No need to go back into the Favorites set and click Save.

Other enhancements

  • Increased photo size for exporting to Facebook
  • Added email notification informing photographers of new client registrations
  • Integration with for easy custom domain name registration and configuration

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