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November 15, 2013

Direct Deposit Bank Payouts, New Products from Partner Labs, New Designs, Photo Books Enhancements, and more….

ACH Direct Deposits for Users in the US

Your profits can now be transferred directly from your Zenfolio account to your US bank account (ACH direct deposit). You can set this up in the Edit View, under Account | Payout Profile. There is no fee for this option.

Just in time for the holidays! More products that you can order and sell.

From Mpix:

  • Modern pop cards – these are unique die cut "Luxe" style cards that feature an ornament pop-out in ornate or circular shapes.
  • Metal ornaments – durable metal ornaments that come in circular, square, and ornate shapes.
  • Folded greeting cards – now with even more stylish designs to send off to family and friends during the Holiday Season.

View the list of products from Mpix »

From MpixPro

Image Folios – These display pieces look great on desktops, bookshelves and coffee tables or as a high-end presentation tool in your studio.

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From One Vision Imaging

  • Greeting Cards (A5, Square, and DL) with a variety of designs for any occasion
  • Calendars in 3 different sizes (desktop, medium, and large)

View the list of products from OVI »

Photo Books Enhancements

We made quite a few improvements to designing photo books. Some of them are:

  • The auto-fill feature automatically places images in books by date, sequentially, or by selecting the best aspect ratio for a given layout
  • Saving in-progress books to make sure that your work is not lost when you take a break and come back to finish your book later
  • Improved image placement, cropping, photo selection, and more.

Preview, then Publish

By popular request we’ve added the ability to customize your website without making your changes visible to your visitors until you are ready. While you are making changes they are saved but not published. You can change your site design, play with layouts, or fine-tune the options – then reveal your site to your visitors by publishing the changes at the end.

Edit Event Participants

We’ve added the ability to view and edit data for every event participant. After uploading the list of participants you can edit your participants’ information directly.

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