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September 11, 2008

Improved visitor pages, many new products from Mpix, and more Premium features

This release includes many improvements to the Visitor pages as well as new products and changes from Mpix. Zenfolio Premium users will also find many new features related to customization and ordering.

In preparation for the upcoming release of the Comments functionality, we have rewritten all Visitor pages. Visitor pages now load much faster, navigate smoother, they are easier to customize, and include underlying support for the comments and other upcoming enhancements.

We have decided not to wait until the comments are ready, and release these changes to the site with many improvements that can be utilized right away.

There are many new options available for customizing Visitor pages now under Customize Visitor View > Options. With these options available, you can really make your pages clean and simple:

  • The ability to hide identifying icons, such as gallery/collection/group
  • The ability to hide access control locks for a cleaner presentation
  • The ability to display cover photo thumbnail in place of a group folder graphic. Many of you have asked for a better representation of a group.
  • Gallery/collection pages can display photo Titles below thumbnails. This makes it easier to select photos just by looking at thumbnails.
  • You can customize which fields are displayed under each thumbnail on all visitor pages

Other improvements to Visitor pages include:

  • The new Dim-the-Lights mode replaces Larger Image view, you don't want to miss this one. You can click any image to open it.
  • The Slideshow gets a Close button and an option to auto-show titles/captions
  • Featured section on your Home page now displays as many items as you add to it. It was only displaying two rows previously.
  • Keywords became clickable and result in search queries for your account. Long live tagging!

Many new products and services from Mpix now available through Zenfolio

We have been working closely with Mpix on adding many of their products and services to the Zenfolio site. With this release, the following products are now available for ordering to you and your customers:

  • Canvas gallery wraps (6 sizes)
  • Standout displays (6 sizes)
  • Puzzles (3 sizes)
  • Trader Cards (26 templates in several colors each)
  • Tickets (18 templates in several colors each)
  • Calendars (vertical and horizontal, three colors)
  • Button (round 3")
  • Greeting Cards (150+ templates, includes envelope)
  • Statuettes (2 sizes)

Here is the complete list with previews and descriptions. We continue to work with Mpix on adding their newest products, which should become available very soon.

Additional changes affecting ordering from Mpix are:

  • The ability to mix different paper types in the same order
  • Support for backprinting on the E-Surface Color paper prints. Premium users can find this option under SELLING > Selling Preferences
  • Shipping rates from Mpix are increasing by $1 across all shipping methods.
  • Specialty photo products include product configuration interface with previews and customizations

New Zenfolio Premium features

With a large number of print products now available on the site, we are introducing product Categories for easier Add to Cart navigation. Click the Add to Cart button in this gallery for a preview. Premium users can still enable "flat view" in their price lists, if desired.

One important change that we know many of you have been waiting for is the ability to hide vendor name from the Checkout flow, customer e-mails, and order packaging. This is now possible with all current vendors. Premium users can make this change under SELLING > Selling Preferences.

Other new features include:

  • Larger thumbnail size in the Cart with improved cropping notifications
  • Cropping window showing print-safe area
  • Updated order Approval page displays file names and allows changes to Color Correction and other settings. Time stamps now include seconds for sports shooters.

And last but not least is Premium users can request profit payouts using PayPal now. There is no fee for PayPal payouts, and the way we have implemented this, PayPal does not charge you fees, either. This is really a win-win situation for everyone.

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