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December 18, 2008

Photo Comments and Guestbook are released

By a special arrangement with Santa, we are very happy to bring you the Photo Comments and Guestbook functionality in time for the holidays. We know some of you have been waiting for this feature for a long time, and we apologize for taking so long.

Photo Comments and Guestbook Features

This is a fully functional implementation and includes the following features:

  • Available Guestbook allow visitors to post messages on your Home page as well as any group, gallery or collection. Photo Comments are associated with individual photos.
  • Photographers have full control over allowing or disallowing photo comments or a guestbook for any group, gallery, collection, or individual photograph
  • Ability to allow Public (for anyone), Private (for photographer only), or both types of comments and guestbook entries
  • Control over non-registered users leaving comments
  • New E-mail Notification Preferences which control how often you are notified when new entries are posted to your pages. Options include sending immediate e-mail (default), daily, or weekly e-mail digests.
  • A new comment browser makes it easy to read all the comments attached to photos in a single gallery
  • Photo comments offer special tools including suggesting alternate cropping or bringing attention to a specific area of a photo
  • Entries can be edited or deleted later by registered users
  • Photographers can customize how much presence comments are given on photo pages, including the display of the Last Comment left

By default, all current users have this feature turned OFF. If you would like to enable it, select the item you would like to apply this to in the Organizer (such as your home page or a specific gallery), then click the Edit link in the Access Control section of the Toolbox. You can enable both Photo Comments and the Guestbook under the Comments tab in the Access Control window.

Other feature enhancements

In addition, the following enhancements were released:

  • Your own page views will no longer be counted by Google Analytics when you are logged in
  • Theme selected for the Visitor View is now displayed in the Edit View (listed in the Cover Photo section of the Toolbox)
  • Improved photo Title and Caption alignment for photo layouts with a centered image

New Mpix products and services

We continue to extend our integration with the Mpix Lab:

  • New 24" x 36" print size which was made available a few weeks ago from Mpix.
    This print size is available in E-Surface Color Paper finish only, and it is possible to add double-weight backboard, foam core mounting, and Lustre coating to it during checkout. No frames are available for this large size print.
  • Added 4"x8" custom blank greeting cards.
    You can print greetings with your own design by applying it to this full image card
  • It is now possible to mix prints of the same size with mounting and framing services in the same order, this saves on shipping charges
  • Lustre coating service was added for greeting cards, magazine covers, and other specialty prints

Our next release will include selling digital products, which we have been working on concurrently.

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