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March 5, 2010

Upload your own music or use soundtracks from Triple Scoop Music, select and share Favorite photos, new larger image size, and updated slide shows

Hot on the heels of releasing portfolio layouts and the custom Theme Designer, we are thrilled to add Music and Saving Favorites to the site. These were two of the most popular feature requests that are useful to a wide range of our users.

Sound as Good as You Shoot

You can now upload your own music files to be played along with your images (make sure you have the rights to use the music you upload). Uploaded soundtracks can be selected to play when a visitor enters your portfolio Home page, views a full-screen Slideshow, or along with embedded slide show on external web sites. File formats supported for upload include MP3 and unprotected AAC files (with no DRM) up to 24MB in size.

Triple Scoop Music Partnership

We are very proud to announce the partnership with Triple Scoop Music. Some of you are familiar with TSM as a music licensing service specializing in world-class music for photo, video, and website presentations. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy and Emmy winners.

Through our partnership with Triple Scoop Music we were able to give all Zenfolio subscribers 50 free songs to use in your account at no additional charge. Additional 100 premium songs are available on a subscription basis for $40/year for all 100 songs, or $20/year for a 25-song collection. This is a real bargain considering that individual songs directly from Triple Scoop Music retail for $60 each. You can preview the available collections.

Music can be assigned by switching to Customize Visitor View mode and selecting the Soundtrack menu from the top bar. Embeddable slideshows now have soundtracks listed on the configuration page.

Selecting Favorite Photos Made Simple (Premium feature)

Clients of Premium Zenfolio subscribers can now create lists of favorite photos and share them with their photographer and others. Photos can be selected from gallery thumbnail pages using the new multiple-selection functionality, or by selecting large images one-by-one. Once added to favorites, photos can be further sorted using a drag-and-drop interface to create a sequenced list, such as for an album or a slide show.

Once a photographer receives a shared Favorites set from a client, it can be edited, converted to a Zenfolio Collection, or downloaded. This Premium feature allows photographers and their clients to collaborate in real time over the Favorites' sets which is useful for refining purchasing selections, downloading original files, deleting undesirable photos, and a lot more.

Add-on Services

With this release we are introducing Add-on Services which are available as additions to your main subscription plan. The first such add-on service is Music from TSM, and we have more services planed. Your list of active Add-on Services can be managed from the new My Subscriptions page under your ACCOUNT.

Multiple-selection and Photo Toolbar

Other notable improvements in visitor interaction include the ability to select multiple photos at once while looking at a thumbnails page. A Photo Toolbar appearing above the selection makes it easy to Add To Favorites, Add to Cart, or Download selected photos (if allowed). The multiple-selection feature can be controlled selectively for each gallery/collection under Customize Visitor View | Page Options.

New XX-Large Image Size

New XX-Large image size is now available with dimensions up to 1550px horizontally or 960px vertically. This new image size is designed to fill screen resolutions of 1900x1200 and higher and improve the quality of Dim-the-Lights and full-screen Slideshow playback on large screens. You need to enable this new size in order for it to be generated and displayed to your visitors. Follow these instructions on how to control allowed image sizes.

Slideshow Updates

The full-screen Slideshow received a small update in a form of a redesigned Captions window (it is smaller and lighter-weight in appearance), a separate optional display of EXIF, and a new loading animation that is more attractive. We have more slideshow updates in the works, so stay tuned.

Updated Selling Reports

We've taken your feedback and updated Selling Reports to better reflect the details of sales transactions. Reports now include only orders you have sold to customers and, as before, any orders placed by you can be found under ORDERS. We have updated the naming of the line items in all of the Reports to make sure they match customer receipts. In addition, you can now download more complete details of your customers' orders as a CSV file.

Other Enhancements:

  • Optimized photo pages to more aggressively display larger vertical images

  • New page added under ACCOUNT | My Subscription. This page includes information about your current subscription plan, any add-on services, account expiration date, etc

  • Fixed a problem with downloading original photos from really large galleries (2,000+ photos)

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