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November 4, 2010

Announcing Packages, completely redesigned photographer-branded Shopping Cart, and introducing the Premium Business plan with MpixPro products

This release has taken us longer than usual but once you see all the good changes and improvements you'll understand why.

We know many of you are anxious to start offering product packages and we are very happy to make them available. The Shopping Cart had to be updated to accommodate packages and multi-image products so we took this opportunity to completely redesign it based on the feedback we've received over time. We are very proud of how the new Cart looks and we hope you would agree that the new Checkout process has been greatly improved.

In this release we are also addressing your feedback about offering an even more professional subscription level with support for the high quality products from MpixPro. The new Premium Business subscription plan gives you full control over order editing so you can make pretty much any change you want including issuing refunds, changing shipping destinations, and adding promotional products.

Read on for a full list of features.

Creating and Selling Packages

Premium subscribers can create and sell single photo packages and multi-photo packages. Single photo packages allow clients to select one photo and have a number of products printed with that photo. Multi-photo packages allow clients to select a number of photos and assign them to print as specific designated products. In either case, you set one price for the package making it simple and economical for your clients to shop.

To get started, login to your account and go under SELLING | Packages. After package is created, you can add it to any price list.

Brand new Shopping Cart and Checkout pages

  • Cart page is cleaner and more intuitive
  • Streamlined and easy to use Checkout pages
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout pages no longer have Zenfolio branding, if disabled by user. By default, Cart and Checkout pages follow the Home page Theme but a new Theme can also be assigned under Customize Visitor View.
  • Orders related e-mails have a neutral design with no Zenfolio branding
  • Shopping Cart includes full support for buying Packages and multi-image products
  • Clients are given the option to register for a Client account and have their Shopping Cart saved there for the future. This way, the Cart will never expire.
  • COMING SOON: ability to share/e-mail a Cart before order is placed
  • Displaying real B&W and Sepia previews
  • Larger previews of products being selected, updated product icons
  • Better upselling of frames, mounting, and finishing services

Introducing a new built-in page Login or Register, which includes the option to login or register for a new Client account. There is no Zenfolio branding displayed anywhere during Client account registration or account management. Registered clients are able to access their Order history, Profile, Favorites, and Shopping Cart using photographer-branded client account pages.

Photographers may also choose to provide their own e-mail address to have order-related e-mails be sent on their behalf. This can be configured under SELLING | Client Communications.

As a result, all order related activities can now be fulfilled under the photographer's name including credit card receipts and e-mail communications.

Introducing Premium Business subscription plan. Plan includes:

  1. Support for ordering and selling products from the MpixPro lab
  2. Photographers can make changes to pending orders after orders were placed including:
    • Having orders shipped to themselves before delivering
    • Removing/changing items in the order
    • Ability to issue a refund as a result of order changes. Clients cannot be charged extra after order is placed, but refunds can be issued.
    • Adding Boutique packaging to orders from Mpix and MpixPro
    • Changing actual delivery shipping method
    • Ability to add a promo print/product to any order at photographer's expense
  3. Live Chat customer support available after you login
  4. Higher maximum individual file size limit of 48MB
  5. Exporting the list of photos to Lightroom from Orders and Favorites for easy editing
  6. Setting an Order Minimum requirement
  7. Defining your own custom Shipping Method and price for each vendor

The Premium Business plan is priced at $250 per year.

The features of the Premium Business plan are well demonstrated in a comprehensive video tour.

SPECIAL UPGRADE OFFER FOR CURRENT USERS: For the month of November current Zenfolio users can upgrade to the Premium Business plan for a special upgrade price of $200 per year. This offer will allow you to lock yourself into this special promotional rate even for future renewals so you save a lot of money.

Other improvements include:

  • Increased file size limit for Basic and Unlimited users to 24MB, same as with the Premium plan
  • Ability to save Favorites to Client accounts
  • Error pages follow your web site look and feel.
  • Option to Customize Visitor View to hide the Login link in the footer of all visitor pages
  • Option to Customize Visitor View to hide photo Captions
  • Ability to exclude specific Self-fulfilled Products from Sales Tax
  • Option for Self-fulfilled Products, Digital Products, and Packages to belong to more than one product category making it easier for clients to locate products
  • New subcategory under Sports > Netball
  • Solved the problem with thumbnails being oversaturated on Safari and Firefox browsers on wide gamut monitors
  • New 'Mobile Phone' field added to the Contact page
  • The Backspace and F5 keyboard keys now work properly on photo pages in Firefox (thank you five-seven)
  • Adding to Favorites from Dim-the-Lights no longer closes Dim-the-Lights mode

Support added for new multi-image products from Mpix:

  • Memory Mates
  • Holiday Ornaments

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