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January 14, 2011

Introducing expiring galleries, Gift Certificates, e-mail marketing, Client Access Codes, more

Contact List

This is something we have been planning to add for a long time and it is finally here. The Contact List allows you to keep track of your registered clients, clients who have ordered from you in the past, as well as visitors signing in to view your photos. You can then easily send e-mails to selected contacts and even tag them with specific galleries or events to make things easier to sort through.

We have auto-populated your list with historical data so you may see many contacts there already. You can also import contacts from Outlook and Gmail, as well as add them manually.

E-mailing Shopping Cart

Anyone can now send a Shopping Cart by e-mail. This allows you to build a Shopping Cart and send it to someone else to checkout, or have people send their carts to you for assistance. Just look for the E-mail Cart link at the top of the Shopping Cart page.

Collect Visitor Information

You can ask your visitors to provide their information before viewing photos. This can be required or optional and can be turned on in the Toolbox for any group, gallery, or collection. You can specify what information visitors are being asked and they get added to your Contact List automatically.

Be More Social

Facebook added support to their API for uploading photos to fan pages and you can now do that directly from your Zenfolio account. In addition to exporting photos to your personal profile on Facebook, you can now also upload to your business fan pages. Look for this under the Export to Facebook option.

We have added the option to display Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Tweet’ buttons to thumbnail and photo pages in the Visitor View. The buttons are hidden from the pages for all current users but you can enable them under Customize Visitor View | Page Options.

New features available to PREMIUM and PREMIUM BUSINESS users

Gift Certificates

Create Gift Certificates and give them to your clients to use as payment during Checkout. There is no extra fee for using gift certificates, your account will be charged standard service fees and the cost of fulfilling products. You can find Gift Certificates under SELLING.

Expiring Galleries and Groups

Introducing the ability to set a Gallery or Group to expire on a set date. This can be a useful marketing tool especially combined with the new ability to schedule e-mail reminders. Look for an hourglass icon under Access Control and follow the prompts.

Client Access Code and Page

Simplify client proofing by giving your clients a code to enter on the new Client Access Page. After entering the code clients will be taken directly to their photos.

To start using this feature, first go under ACCOUNT | Client Access Page and fill out information. Then add a new item to your Site Menu and link it to the new Client Access built-in page. Actual codes can be generated in the Toolbox under the Links and Client Access section.

If you are using external website, you can link directly to the Zenfolio Client Access Page from your website menu. You will find the URL to link to under ACCOUNT | Client Access Page.

New features available to PREMIUM BUSINESS users

Discounted MpixPro FedEx Shipping

  • Orders from MpixPro with over $11 in product cost can receive flat $4.50 FedEx shipping
  • Orders with product cost less than $11 qualify for discounted FedEx shipping calculated dynamically
  • In addition, orders with product cost over $100 qualify for free FedEx shipping

This discounted FedEx shipping is available to photographers only and not visible to clients. It can be selected in Order Details during order Approval.

Other new features include:

  • You can now specify Sales Tax to be applied to Digital Downloads in addition to regular orders. This is an option under SELLING | Sales Tax [PREMIUM and PREMIUM BUSINESS].
  • In the Add to Cart window, descriptions of available photo papers are now dynamically inserted into product descriptions to make paper selection easier [ALL USERS]
  • Added new options for printing Canvas Gallery Wraps from Mpix and MpixPro: Mirrored sides, White sides, Black sides [ALL USERS]
  • Sales Reports can be filtered by specific Galleries and Groups any way you wish [PREMIUM and PREMIUM BUSINESS]
  • When a full-screen slideshow is opened in a browser window, we’ve added a link to viewing gallery pages [ALL USERS]
  • While reviewing order details you can now sort items by File Names or Titles in addition to the way the order was placed [PREMIUM and PREMIUM BUSINESS]
  • Added an easy way to make Cover Photo visible to all even if a gallery or group itself is Password-protected. You will find this under Access Control at the bottom of the Access tab [ALL USERS].
  • Replacing a photo in an order during Approval can now replace the original photo in the gallery at the same time. This option was added to the bottom of the Replace/Change Photo window from the Order Details page [PREMIUM and PREMIUM BUSINESS].
  • Phone numbers on the Contact Us page are no longer automatically formatted. They will appear exactly as you type them [ALL USERS].
  • Password-protected items are now included in search results. Viewers will still need to type in their password to view photographs [ALL USERS].

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