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June 2, 2011

Integration with a UK pro lab, new add-on services, export to ProShow, and subscriptions in Euros and Pounds

Our shiny new website is live and along with it we are introducing many new changes for our customers located outside of North America, in particular the UK and Europe. But we have something new for everyone, so please read on.

Integration with a UK pro lab: One Vision Imaging

Zenfolio is now integrated with One Vision Imaging, one of the largest professional photo laboratories in the UK. One Vision Imaging proudly carries the most comprehensive and award winning range of products to be found anywhere in the UK, and delivers professionally packaged and unbranded orders anywhere in the world including European countries. Zenfolio users can now choose to have their sites be seamlessly integrated with a professional lab that offers unrivalled quality and experience when it comes to photographic printing.

The One Vision Imaging lab is available to Premium and Premium Business subscribers (see the special upgrade offer below)

New subscription plans priced in Pound Sterling and Euros

Zenfolio UK and European customers can now pay for subscriptions in their native currency, specifically Pound Sterling and Euros. And for a limited time we are offering a special upgrade price to current Zenfolio users:

  • Premium UK plan: special price £80 (normally £100)
  • Premium Business UK plan: special price £100 (normally £150)
  • Premium EU plan: special price €80 (normally €100)
  • Premium Business EU plan: special price €100 (normally €150)

You need to upgrade during the month of June in order to lock yourself into this special price.

If you decide to upgrade, you will receive prorated credit in USD back to your account so you will not lose anything. You will be able to review all upgrade changes before confirming the switch.

If you are happy with your current plan, you do not need to do anything and it will continue without interruptions.

Below features apply to all Zenfolio customers

Premium Business accounts: 0% service fees on self-fulfilled orders

We have eliminated all service fees from self-fulfilled orders in Premium Business accounts, and this is not a temporary promotion. There are now even more reasons to upgrade.

Export to ProShow Web slide shows

You can now create professional slide show presentations by exporting your photos to the ProShow Web service directly from Zenfolio. ProShow Web is an online video creation tool that's simple, fast and professionally polished. It turns your photos into beautiful, client-ready shows in just minutes. Simply select photos in your Zenfolio account, click Photo Actions | Export and choose ProShow Web as destination. Follow the steps on the ProShow Web site for more instructions.

ProShow Web offers free and paid subscription options. Zenfolio users receive a special 20% off discount from the Premium subscription.

BorrowLenses Exclusive Membership Add-on

Many photographers today use the BorrowLenses equipment rental service. Through a special partnership we are able to offer Zenfolio customers an exclusive membership program. If you subscribe to the BorrowLenses Add-on service on Zenfolio, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Automatic 10% off on all rental orders
  • Free Shipping on your first order (up to $38 value)
  • Increased level of rental item availability
  • Free t-shirt
  • Cancellations with no fees

The annual subscription cost of the BorrowLenses Add-on service is $100. To signup for this service, login to your account and click the Manage Add-ons link at the top of the TOOLBOX.

ProImageEditors RAW file processing Add-on service

ProImageEditors offers one of the lowest priced professional RAW file processing services to photographers today. Through this special partnership Zenfolio users can receive $0.18 per file service with no extra charges for JPEG conversion or uploading directly to their Zenfolio account.

The annual subscription cost of the ProImageEditors Add-on service is $50. To signup for this service, login to your account and click the Manage Add-ons link at the top of the TOOLBOX.

Special Benefits for all Zenfolio customers

On our new website you will find the Benefits section. Our marketing team works hard to bring you exclusive discounts and special deals from some of the best and most innovative companies in the industry. These benefits are available to all of our customers as an extra perk for being a Zenfolio member, no strings attached.

Other new features:

  • You can now edit the Copyright for your pages separately from the Display Name. You will find this field under ACCOUNT | Display Name and Logos.
  • VAT information is now included on client order receipts. If you are located in the UK or EU, and you are required to include VAT in your prices, there is now a separate VAT page you can fill out under SELLING. Your VAT information, including your VAT number, and registered address will be included on all client order receipts.

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