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January 10, 2014

Dynamic thumbnails, new page layouts, photo page enhancements, improved Theme Designer, new theme presets, and more…

We’ve added many great new features to make your website even better. See all the details of the latest release and customize your website further for an enhanced visitor experience.

Dynamic Thumbnail Grids

We’ve added dynamic thumbnail grids. Now you have many new ways to present thumbnails on your homepage and inside your galleries. You can show them in responsive rows or columns or even in a neat grid where you have control of thumbnail sizes and spacing between them.

You also have new ways of displaying gallery titles. Social media and Buy buttons can now be added directly to your thumbnails. These buttons can be placed over photos in elegant overlays, below photos, above photos, or displayed only when photos are hovered.

You can customize your thumbnails in the Grid Options and Thumbnails tabs of the Options popup in the Customize Visitor View.

New Homepage Layouts

Grid Layouts

New thumbnail grids can make your homepage shine. There are two new homepage layouts with a variety of customization options that allow you to create a stylish showcase for your portfolio using new photo grid layouts. Display your photos using Pinterest-style columns and dynamically resizable rows, or configure your own thumbnail sizes to create your own unique website experience.

Photo Strip

A new horizontally scrolling photo strip is now available. You can use it in place of the homepage slideshow on any full-screen or wide-screen layout.

New Gallery and Photo Page Layouts and Larger Images

Show off your best work with new portfolio and full-screen photo page layouts. All layouts, new and old, can now benefit from a new smooth image-scaling option. The photos will automatically scale to fill the available space for the best possible viewing experience. You can enable image scaling under Layout Options in the Customize Visitor View, or wait until February when it will be automatically turned on.

Top Banners

You can also feature an optional top banner on gallery, group and blog pages using a new setting in Customize Visitor View, under Page Elements. These banners can include a photo, a slideshow, a photo strip or a video, allowing you to create a truly stunning viewing experience.

Positioning of Photos in Spotlight Areas

You now have control over the positioning of photos within resizable spotlight areas, keeping important parts of each image always in view.

New Header and Footer Layouts

We have added the ability to customize your website header and footer by including more elements and giving you control over their size. You can even create a completely customized header. Logo images can also now be added directly to the header and footer along with social media buttons and custom content.

A new configurable, multi-column layout for the footer is also available, which includes a client access area, contact area, site menu, and more. Add your accreditations, professional affiliations and anything else you choose in a new custom content area in the footer.

Option to Open Dim-the-Lights Directly from a Thumbnail Page

Skip the photo page and go directly to the Dim-the-Lights mode to show off your photos without any distractions. You can configure this option in the Thumbnails Page tab of the Options popup in the Customize Visitor View. This is a great feature for portfolio presentation, with large images, convenient keyboard navigation, and a toolbar for selecting favorites, downloading, or even buying photos.

Simplified “Add to Favorites” Experience

The “Add to Favorites” feature is now easier for your users to find with the inclusion of a new “heart” icon overlay in the upper-right corner of every photo. Click the heart icon to add the current photo to Favorites. Click it again to remove it from Favorites.

New Website Presets

We added more website presets that showcase new customization features as well as new layouts. Presets can be applied to your entire website, or to a select group, gallery, photo, and other pages.

Improved Theme Designer

The updated Theme Designer allows a much deeper level of website customization. The familiar Styles tab allows you to create a color palette, select a global font style, and configure website elements that appear across various website pages.

We have created new Homepage, Galleries, Blog, and Email tabs that allow you to configure specific elements that appear on the corresponding website pages. Many new elements can now be configured directly, such as navigation buttons, scrollbars, guestbook, form fields, all blog page elements, and email invitations.

Access to 600+ fonts

The Theme Designer now supports the use of Google web fonts on every page. You can select from the list of recommended fonts or explore the entire collection of more than 600 fonts offered by Google. You can add these fonts to your list and use them to style elements in Theme Designer.

Improved Photo Support within Blogs

Save time when writing blog entries by selecting and adding multiple photos directly from the blog post editor.

Improvements to Photo Books and Multi-Image Products

Ordering Photo books, greeting cards, and other new multi-image products is even easier than before. Improvements include larger thumbnail previews, improved drag-and-drop functionality, and enhanced validation of cropped photos and clipped text.

Strike-Through Pricing

Zenfolio sales and promotional pricing discounts will now be clearer with the addition of strike-through pricing. Visible when editing your price lists and shown to visitors any time base lab prices are used for selling, the original product price will be shown next to the current discounted price.

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