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February 28, 2014

Raw file storage, order self-fulfillment improvements, Pinterest verification, Cart reminders, and more…

Introducing Raw File Storage

Now you can upload more than just JPEGs to your galleries. We have added the option to store RAW, DNG, NEF, PSD and other source files alongside your images, all in one convenient location.

Source files are archived just like your images are, in secure and geo-distributed locations. That means you’ll never have to worry about losing data.

Uploading Raw Files

Uploading is easy. Just use the web uploader to drag & drop your source files along with your JPEGs. Raw files will be automatically linked to JPEGs for easy downloading and access, either by matching file names or by date and time taken whenever possible.

Source files can also be linked to JPEGs later after they have been uploaded by going to the new RAW FILES tab when viewing any gallery in the Edit View.

Raw Files in Edit View

Downloading Raw Files

Your visitors will never see your source files displayed in your galleries, but if you allow Original File Downloads you can choose to include raw files by selecting this option in Access Control.


As a result of making significant investments in our infrastructure inover the past year, we are able to bring you Raw File Storage at the lowest per GB price available from any photography service. The first 2GB of Raw Storage are completely free. Beyond the first 2GB here are the rates:

  • USD 0.085 / GB / Month
  • GBP 0.085 / GB / Month
  • EUR 0.085 / GB / Month
  • AUD 0.085 / GB / Month

See our Raw File Storage article for more information. Raw File Storage is not available for Basic accounts.

Download Self-fulfilled Orders

Photographers using Zenfolio self-fulfillment can streamline their workflow by downloading the complete details of any self-fulfilled order, including all photos used in the order, by clicking the new Download Order link from the Order Details page.

Order Details and Download

Before accepting an order you now have the ability to adjust the cropping and replace files. Once you accept the order, the cropping will be applied and the images will be prepared for print. Download the cropped, print-ready images and send them straight to your printer or to your lab of choice.

API downloading of self-fulfilled orders

High volume photographers can benefit from additional automation options available for self-fulfilled orders. Using the Zenfolio API you can access the list of pending orders, download complete details and photos for each order, as well as update order status.

See our API guide on Self-fulfilled URL Access for more information, or contact us for information on our high volume program.

Merchant Account Support

If you have a merchant account, collecting payments for self-fulfilled orders is a snap. Using a payment gateway account from either or PayPal Payments Pro, customers can enter their credit card information directly, without ever having to leave your site, and the funds are deposited right into your account.

For more information visit our Support Center article on Using Merchant Accounts to Collect Payments .

Password Lockouts

To enhance the security of your password-protected galleries, our system will now detect too many failed password attempts and lock the user out of the gallery for a period of time. They will be advised to contact the photographer for the correct password, and you will receive an email alert when a lockout occurs on your site.

Shopping Cart Reminders

Clients may visit your site and have a Shopping Cart full of products, but that doesn’t mean they will complete the purchase. To help you avoid missing out on these sales, registered clients can now receive up to three friendly reminder emails about items remaining in their cart.

You can set your preference for sending cart reminders in the Client Communications section of the Edit View.

Shopping Cart Reminder

Pinterest Website Verification

Good news for Pinterest fans: if you have a Pinterest business account you can now verify your website by going to the new Pinterest Business Verification page in the Preferences section of the Edit View.

Pinterest provides verified business accounts with analytics to track how your site is doing on Pinterest, as well as a badge showing pinners that your content is from a trustworthy source.


Foil Stamping for Photo Books

Elegant foil stamping is now available for Art Cloth hard cover photo books from MpixPro, Mpix and Miller’s. Choose from gold or silver foil stamping over any of the art cloth cover colors for a book that’s sure to impress.

Photo Strip Enhancements

Photo Strips have been updated to include subtle movement. When hovering over one side or the other, the strip will automatically begin to scroll in that direction. You also have the option to display arrows instead of a scrollbar.

Animation of Bottom Pad in Full Screen Grid Layout

When using the full screen photo grid layout for your home page, the bottom pad will slide into view when hovering over the lower part of your screen. This allows you to maximize the photo grid as well as display a useful welcome message to your visitors.

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