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September 26, 2014

Zenfolio Service Now Available in French and German Languages; Company Continues to Expand to Non-English Speaking Users and Photography Clients

Zenfolio works to further transform photographers’ businesses around the world by offering native languages for their websites.

Menlo Park, CA. – September 26, 2014Zenfolio, the award-winning, all-in-one photo hosting and e-commerce website, has just announced that the service is now available in French and German languages.

This update allows photographers located in Germany and France, and anyone else speaking German or French, to use and publish their photography website in their native language.

Zenfolio has been powering the online businesses of tens of thousands of photographers since 2006. Part of the Inc. family of brands, every Zenfolio account comes with unique organizational tools, an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, and a customizable website that allows users to showcase and sell photos and videos online. Photographers can make an elegant home for their photos starting at $30 per year, and selling accounts start at only $140 per year. The industry-leading company has been recognized for its innovative features, superb customer service and easy-to-use interface. In 2013 alone, Zenfolio won the Best Professional Product and Best Professional Service awards from The Societies, proving to be a very successful year, which was broken down in this infographic . The latest language localization efforts show a continued focus on helping photographers’ businesses all over the world.

“We’ve been in the business for nearly a decade. It’s time to expand our expertise on solving problems for photographers to other countries, starting with France and Germany, with more countries to come soon. We’ve been hearing again and again from our users about their desire to publish websites in other languages, and we are happy to deliver on that request,” says Zenfolio CEO and Founder Alex Peyzner.

Aside from German- and French-speaking photographers benefiting from this expansion, this localization will greatly impact bilingual Zenfolio users.

“I know that my business will be transformed by having a localized version of the online ordering area of my photography website,” says Sabina Lorkin, wedding and portrait photographer based in Normandy, France.

“Many of my weddings are bilingual, and I’m sure more guests will order prints. I also have portrait clients from around Europe who are visiting France on holiday, so this addition will help with ordering for those clients too. Zenfolio has always been great in its currency and delivery capabilities. The new languages really makes it a one-stop solution for my photography business,” says Lorkin.

“Zenfolio has always been the most practical website for a photographer: rich in content, well designed, and above all, simple to use,” says Rob Heath, fine art photographer based in Normandy, France.

“Being an English ex-patriot living in France, there was just one thing lacking — a localized version to enable easier connection with my non-English speaking, French customer-base. I am really looking forward to the new functionality this will bring,” says Heath.

Zenfolio is working on releasing additional languages in the future.

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