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January 29, 2015

Announcing a brand new look for managing your website, centralized notifications, Zenfolio websites in Spanish, and One Vision Imaging product improvements

A New Look for Edit View

The Edit View has a brand new look and feel with centralized notifications, new getting started guides, and improved organization to help you manage your website and photos more efficiently. No need to panic. You don’t need to relearn how to master Zenfolio. The new Edit View is faster, cleaner, and easier to use, but you will still see the familiar menu, the convenient Organizer, and the friendly Support Center.


The dashboard has been redesigned from the ground up to help you stay on top of client orders and other items requiring your attention, while also putting the most common tasks at your fingertips. Photographers now have easy one-click access to photos, blog post creation, sales reports, email campaigns, and more.

Edit View Dashboard


There is now a centralized place for all kinds of notifications, from account updates and maintenance notices to pending orders, blog comment moderation, and upcoming promotions from our integrated fulfillment partners. The new Notifications panel on the Dashboard puts everything you need to know in one place.

This is where you’ll see any pending orders awaiting your approval or comments that need to be moderated. For these items waiting for your attention, you’ll also see counters next to the top-level navigation links no matter where you are in your Edit View.

Improved Organization

The main areas for managing your website are now accessible in the top navigation bar, including Pages where you can easily set up and customize pages on your site, write blog posts, and manage any PDF documents. The new Visitors area contains your contact list, email communications, comment moderation as well as visitor counts.

We have also consolidated all account information and preferences into one Settings area, grouped into sections, to make everything easier to find. All settings and preferences, including your Account, Website, Billing, and Selling are now consolidated into one convenient place.

Selling Dashboard

The new Selling dashboard helps you keep an eye on your pending orders and makes it easier than ever to find your sales data, set up price lists and products to sell, and create coupons and gift certificates from one place.


We’ve thoroughly updated the organizer, while keeping all the familiar functionality intact. Larger thumbnails, simplified toolbox, and many more changes will welcome you when you open the new Organizer.


You will also see the updated look and feel when customizing your website or when tweaking your website theme.

Switch by March 30th

Just to make sure that everyone gets to appreciate how much better the new Edit View really is, we decided to keep the old Edit View around. You can switch back and forth, but only until March 30 th. After that date, the Old Edit View will become a part of Zenfolio history.

Zenfolio is Now Available in Spanish

For photographers located in Spain, and anyone else speaking Spanish or working with Spanish-speaking clients, you can now use and publish Zenfolio websites in Spanish in addition to French, German, and English.

The product catalogs from our European partner labs (Photobox) have been fully translated as well, providing Spanish-speaking clients with a seamless ordering experience.

Zenfolio is Now Available in Spanish

To change your website language, go to the Language tab in Site Settings. You’ll be able to preview this change before you publish so you can update your site menu and other content to match your preferred language.

The Edit View language is separate from your Website Language, giving you the flexibility of managing your site in one language and presenting your work to your visitors in another. You can change the language used to manage your site by using the language switcher in the footer.

One Vision Imaging Product Updates

We’ve added more sizes and options to the popular LayFlat photo books and Multi-Aperture Framed Prints from One Vision Imaging.

  • 60 page option for LayFlat books, both the 8x8 and A4 Portrait sizes
  • 24 x 20 Multi Aperture Framed Prints (16 layouts)
  • 20 x 16 Multi Aperture Framed Prints (14 layouts)

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