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October 7, 2015

Updates to Favorites, a Canadian Lab, New Email Templates, One-Click Price Lists, and Shopping Improvements!



Big changes are here for Favorites. The Favorites view now follows your website theme for a more seamless experience, and all client Favorite Sets will automatically be visible to photographers.

Favorites slideshows can now be shown using a stunning Ken Burns effect, and larger thumbnails provide a better experience for larger screens. It is also much easier to add more of their favorite photos from the same gallery.

When a visitor adds a photo to their Favorites, they will be asked to create an account in order to save their set. This simple step ensures your clients will be able to access their favorites no matter what device they are on, and it allows photographers to automatically see the new Favorites Set on the Shared Favorites page in Edit View right away.

When working with Favorites Sets you can now see the photos in any set without leaving Edit View. Just click on a Favorites Set to experience the large thumbnails and a dim-the-lights view.

Now that you can create a gallery directly from a Favorites Set in Edit View, your Favorites workflow with your clients is even more streamlined. The new wizard will guide you through gallery creation to set watermarks, access control, and more, creating a new gallery with copies of all the photos in the original Favorites Set.

Canadian Pro Lab Integration

Canadian Lab Integration

Zenfolio is excited to be the first in the industry to provide Canadian photographers with an integration with a local lab, plans and print pricing in Canadian dollars, and localized websites for French- and English-speaking clients. Zenfolio has partnered with Pikto, Canada's top professional lab, to offer a fully-integrated option for ordering quality products. Pikto offers a wide variety of items, including prints, canvas wraps, plexi face mounts, and giclée prints. Pikto products are fully integrated with Zenfolio and available for ordering and selling.

Canadian pros now have a better way to offer their products for sale—with much lower shipping costs and faster delivery, all without the hassle of customs and international fees.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Customize your email templates for group, gallery, collection and event invitations to make sending personalized invitations a snap. You can also personalize gallery expiration emails and create your own custom templates to use for any kind of client communication.

To change a system template or create a new one, go to Visitors from Edit View and look for the new Email Templates page.

One-Click Price Lists

One-Click Price Lists

Price lists are easier than ever to create now that we do the work for you! Your new price list comes with the most popular products pre-selected. You can start bringing in sales in 2 clicks and with no hassle. You can of course still easily add or remove products and adjust each product pricing to suit your needs.

Shopping Improvements

Shopping Improvements

We've made the shopping experience more visual, sleek, and simpler to navigate. Large preview images of your products add more detail and polish to the Shop, and the new sidebar makes it easier for your clients to browse products with fewer clicks. These improvements will help your customers find the products they want quickly and customize and buy them with ease.

Zenfolio Town Hall

Join us in our first Town Hall on Tuesday October 13 at noon PDT/8PM UTC where the Zenfolio Executive team will discuss new features, latest news, and hear your feedback. Attendance is limited to 1,000 users, so be sure to register in advance and arrive on time. If you cannot attend, no worries: we will post a recording of the webinar on our site.

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