How to Sell with Zenfolio- Zenfolio Explained Episode 1

October 27th, 2021


Zenfolio has helped you show and share photos on your own gallery website. Now let us how simple it is to start selling, and turn the hard work you’ve been doing into Benjamins. Selling your photography online is as easy as setting prices, linking galleries, and getting paid so let’s go. First pick the products you’d like to sell and set your prices. Our system provides easy, smart prebuilt price lists based on the type of photography you shoot or in minutes you can create your own custom price list from scratch. Our product catalog offers hundreds of product options, you can sell them a la carte or use packages to create sets of products that are shipped directly from our lab partners to your clients. Once you’ve created a price list link it directly to your gallery or a group of galleries. Finally link your account to our payment processor and those Benjamins flow directly to you. That’s it! We handle all the printing, shipping, and order tracking for you so you can focus on other things. Click the link to get started now.

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