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Photographers have choices. Whether you’re a hobbyist, part-time pro, or running a busy studio – you make decisions every day that help you create your art and succeed in business. Starting with the equipment you choose, the lighting you set, the post-processing approach you apply…your decisions all contribute to your brand and the products you deliver.

Zenfolio was established to help ease the complexity of deciding how you show your photos and videos to the world and earn income from your craft. We set out from the beginning to take the “busy-work” out of running a photography business. And we’ve continued to advance our platform to meet your ever-evolving needs as technology expands. That gives Zenfolio an advantage over its competitors, which ultimately gives you an advantage over yours.

Let’s take a look at how Zenfolio compares to Pic-Time.

Key advantages Zenfolio delivers over Pic-Time.

Zenfolio rises above Pic-Time in three important areas: better value, website building/hosting, and intelligence-based technology that includes automated booking and AI tools to expedite your workflow.

Lower cost — higher value.

Especially for photographers just starting a business, Zenfolio offers a great value when comparing the cost and features of our PortfolioPlus service plan versus the Professional plan offered by Pic-Time. Zenfolio PortfolioPlus is currently 10% less costly at $228/year compared to $252/year for a Pic-Time Professional plan.* The value differential is even wider when comparing the technology-driven Zenfolio ProSuite plan at $396/year compared to the Pic-Time Advanced plan at $504/year that doesn’t offer nearly as many workflow benefits, as we’ll illustrate below.

website editor

Website builder and hosting.

Zenfolio offers its users a comprehensive website builder that does not require coding, along with many great template designs and the ability to optimize your website for search engine discovery (SEO). Pic-Time is a gallery-only platform and does not offer a website builder nor hosting. Zenfolio delivers options for extra storage and video hosting on its entry-level tiers and 4K video on top tier ProSuite plan.


Advanced intelligence technology.

Zenfolio is a market leader with a new multi-million dollar technology platform that leverages the latest machine-learning and AI systems to help photographers save time on both post-photography and business processes. Considering that Pic-Time costs more for similar service levels, the distinctive value advantage offered by Zenfolio is apparent with resources like BookMe automated scheduling that virtually eliminates time-consuming phone calls and emails from the booking process. Pic-Time does not offer automated scheduling.

Automated Workflow

Streamlined automated workflow.

Zenfolio has embraced AI technology to offer its users time-saving tools including PhotoRefine.AI that takes the work out of grouping, rating and culling images after a shoot, and People Filter that helps find specific faces in a crowd for faster proofing. Client Campaigns automate seasonal marketing to keep your clients aware of photo gifts for holidays without you sending multiple emails. Smart Pricing generates recommended prices for your local market, saving you the time and frustration of doing your own research and second-guessing your price list. After orders are placed, prints and products can be auto-fulfilled from Zenfolio partner labs with processing, shipping and delivery direct to clients.

Award-winning customer support.

Customer support.

The customer support team at Zenfolio is comprised of working photographers just like you. They consistently garner great third-party reviews and understand the challenges you encounter on a daily basis, ready to help you via phone, chat, tutorials and 1:1 sessions.

Feature Comparison

Check out these distinctive differences between Zenfolio and Pic-Time with particular focus on website building, extra storage for photos and videos and areas where technology gives you advantages.

Multiple Website Templates
Photo Galleries
Custom Watermarks
Focal Points
Custom Fonts & Color Themes
AI/Facial Recognition (People Filter)
Uploader App
Social Media Sharing
Video Included
Client Proofing
Client Galleries
Password Protection
E-Commerce & Marketing
Online Store
Digital Products
Marketing Campaigns/Automation
Booking & Scheduling
Automated Workflows
Smart Pricing
Discount Codes
Custom Email Notifications
Integrated Lab Partners
Photography Tutorials
Customer Support

ProSuite Plan


Advanced Plan


Pricing Comparison

cropped zenfolio logo 400 1 online photography portfolio

ProSuite Plan

pic time logo

Advanced Plan

Zenfolio Plan
Unlimited Storage
Custom Domain
Extra Storage Options
Free Trial
Zenfolio Cost
Annual Plan
Up to 100TB available for purchase.
Pic-Time Plan
Pic-Time Cost
Annual Plan

Pricing Comparison

cropped zenfolio logo 400 1 online photography portfolio pic time logo
Unlimited Storage

Extra Storage Options
Up to 100TB available for purchase.
Free Trial

About Zenfolio and Pic-Time

Zenfolio leans heavily on its tenure and experience successfully serving photographers since 2005 from headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Pic-Time was founded in 2010 and is based in Oakland, CA, with development headquarters in Israel.

We believe Zenfolio’s capabilities, ease of use and advanced technology makes it the market leader for professional photographers.

pic time logo


As you consider your platform options and needs, whether getting set for a shoot or billing your clients, evaluate the vast experience, advanced technology and incredible value Zenfolio offers over Pic-Time.

Zenfolio delivers clear and very specific advantages over Pic-Time:

  • Website builder with multiple templates in the latest design trends.
  • BookMe automated scheduling and payment.
  • Automated streamlined workflows.
  • AI facial recognition with People Filter.
  • Client Campaigns automated marketing and sales.
  • Option to add photo and video storage.
  • Award-winning support with tutorials.
  • Smart Pricing takes the guesswork out of your price list.
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