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Expand Your Product Offering with Digital Downloads


As a photographer, it’s essential to offer enough photo variety for your clients. In the past, we’ve focused on physical photo products as important parts of your product offering, but it’s as important to offer digital options if you haven’t already. As the world turns more digital, clients are demanding easier ways to access their photos.


This is where digital downloads come in. You can easily offer digital photos or videos, protect your images with watermarking options, and customize the use of the file with our License options. Digital downloads make it easy for your clients to download their photos in a flash and have their entire purchasing experience happen online.


Why You Should Offer Digital Downloads

Physical photo products are a great way for your clients to get their hands on your work. However, more and more clients, nowadays, are expecting photographers to offer digital photo options in addition to physical products. This can help boost your sales volume as by offering different photo options, you’re covering all bases and minimizing the amount of abandoned carts. 


How Can You Get Started

Our mission is to make it as easy for you as a photographer to grow your business. You can easily offer digital photo download options with a click of a button. In your account, you can head on over to your selling tab where you can choose Digital Products and get started selling!

Here’s a simple short video to walk you through adding digital downloads to your offering:



Make it super simple for your clients to purchase digital downloads in just a few clicks. Head on over to your account and start selling digital downloads!