Top boudoir photography hashtags for 2023.

You might wonder if boudoir photography is appropriate for social media, or if you might encounter censorship issues. As long as you’re following a platform’s content guidelines, post away! This type of photography absolutely has a place on social media. Make sure to include some hashtags in your captions, and voila! you’ll gain traction in no time. 

You also might wonder what hashtags actually do. Hashtags are clickable links that pull together similar content for a social media user’s ease of use. They can also help increase the hashtagger’s social reach, making your content more discoverable and helping to grow your audience. Hashtags are a great way to build your brand, contribute to your marketing success on social media, and help you gain new clients.

Hashtags are a normal part of the social media ecosystem so don’t be afraid of using them. Here are a few tips to get the most out of using them:

  1. Discover even more ways to find hashtags: Harness the power of Instagram’s own tools.
    • Check hashtags used in the Instagram Explore page: Using Instagram’s Explore page, check hashtags that are trending. This will help give you an idea of what gets featured on this page and may help you get featured there too. 
    • Use the hashtag autocomplete feature: Using Instagram’s search feature, you can find hashtags, places, accounts, and top-performing content. When you start typing into your search to find a hashtag, Instagram will start to populate popular, similar terms that will help you broaden your own search.
  2. Follow relevant hashtags: In addition to following accounts, you can also follow hashtags! It’s a great, passive way of staying in-the-know, gaining more inspiration, and staying engaged in your industry. Why not start with #boudoirphotography?
  3. Number of hashtags to use: Adding as many hashtags as you possibly can arguably is not best practice, so do some trial and error. Start with using ten hashtags on an Instagram post, and if you need to choose between similar sounding hashtags, decide on what to remove based on what’s popular on Instagram. For example, at the time of writing this article, #boudoirphotography had 3,326,032 posts and #boudoirphoto had 221,412 posts.
  4. Like and comment: Find content you like through following a hashtag? Show your appreciation for it, and give the original poster a like or a short, complimentary comment. You may find that those gestures of good will come back to you, and more engagement happens on your own content.
  5. Make a reel out of your content and hashtag it! Did you take behind the scenes video of your boudoir photo shoot, or have outtakes your client is happy for you to use? Make your content go a longer way and create a reel out of it all. There are plenty of how-to videos online for how to make reels out of your photography. Be sure to hashtag it too.
  6. Go beyond Instagram: Why not try out Pinterest or TikTok while you’re at it? You can always link back to your more active account, this way you just get more traction across multiple platforms. Hashtags are a primary function on these channels too.

For instant discoverability, be sure to throw in relevant and specific hashtags into your post captions. From hashtags that run the boudoir photography gamut, to top trends of 2022 and Instagram-specific hashtags, we have you covered.

Boudoir photography hashtags. 

A great, low stakes way of growing your business is through the creative use of hashtags on your social media posts. By being strategic about your use of hashtags, you’ll find more like minded-people and make your content more discoverable, garnering more interest in your work. 

You can do this by ensuring you’re implementing some of the top boudoir photography hashtags. Using some of the below popular and descriptive hashtags will ensure that if there are people out there looking for boudoir-style photography, your work will show up.  

Here are some of the top boudoir photo hashtags to help get you started: 

woman in red lingerie boudoir image

1. General boudoir photo hashtags. 

A great place to start when hashtagging your work, we recommend adding a handful of these boudoir photography hashtags to your caption. These are all general boudoir photography hashtags that will be a great starting place in getting you some traction for your posts, and ensure your images start to reach the right audience. 

#boudoirphotography #boudoir #boudoirphotographer #boudoirphoto #boudoirposes #boudoirshoot #boudoirinspiration #boudoirphotographers #boudoirsession #boudoirphotoshoot #somethingboudoir #boudoirvibe

fashion boudoir image of woman

2. Boudoir portraits. 

Once you’ve started with some general boudoir photo hashtags, you can throw in hashtags that are more narrowed into the type of boudoir photography that your content reflects. In this case, if your boudoir photography is also classified as portrait photography, you’ll use hashtags that are relevant to both genres. Here are a few to consider.

#boudoirportrait #portraits #photoshoot #portraitphotography #greatshots #bwportrait #model #portraitmood #discoverportrait #portraitstudio #portraitperfection   

image of woman laying on bed, her arms loosely crossed over a pillow, wearing black lingerie and an unbuttoned white collared shirt

3. Black and white boudoir photography. 

Many clients will appreciate having shots done both in color and black and white. You’ll likely frame and shoot these differently, as different feelings are evoked with black and white imagery. When you go to post your black and white boudoir photos, be sure you have the right hashtags! 

#blackandwhite #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #bw #bwphoto #bnwphotography #blackandwhitephoto #bnwmood #bnwphoto #monochromephotography #blackwhite #instablackandwhite #blackandwhitephotographylovers 

4. Location hashtags.

Including hashtags of the city you’re in definitely doesn’t hurt when it comes to hashtagging your boudoir photography. This can help potential clients and social media users in the city or region you live in to connect to your work while establishing yourself on the local scene. Let’s say you’re in New York City, here are a few options to use. Do some quick research on the common tags for major cities near you and then update based on where you’re located.

#nyc #nycphotography #nycboudoirphotography #boudoirphotographynyc #nycboudoir

5. General photography hashtags.

Lastly, when rounding out your top boudoir photography hashtags, throw in some general photography hashtags if you have room. Boudoir photography can be considered niche by some, so casting a wider net by using some general hashtags will bring people interested in photography to your account as well. 

#photography #photographer #photoshoot #photo #image #photooftheday #picoftheday #instapic #pohotographylovers #photographyislife #photographylife #photographyeveryday #photographysouls

Boudoir photography hashtags 2023. 

Now that you have a handle on those all-encompassing, general boudoir hashtags for your caption, you’re also going to want to pay attention to specific trends in the industry. This helps ensure you’re staying current in targeting social media users. 

See if any of the below trends resonate with your boudoir photography and throw them into some of your captions!

maternity boudoir image of woman in bath with fruit

1. Boudoir maternity photography. 

Boudoir photography can capture moments in clients’ lives that are particularly important, such as an anniversary, the lead-up to an event like a marriage, or in this case, a pregnancy. Capturing your client when they are pregnant helps them savor and document an important moment in their lives, and may help them further embrace their changing bodies.

If you’re sharing your boudoir maternity photography, we highly recommend throwing in some of these hashtags.

#maternityphotoshoot, #maternityshoot, #pregnancyphotoshoot #maternityphotographer #maternityfashion #pregnancy #maternityphotography #maternitypictures #maternitystyle #maternitywear #maternitysession #maternityphotos #maternityportraits

couples boudoir image

2. Boudoir couples photography.

As you’ve probably noticed, the genre of boudoir photography has expanded over the years. So much so that your client may be more than one person – like a couple. If you have a couple that’s doing a boudoir photoshoot with you, you now have a whole new set of hashtags you can use when you go to post!

#lovebirds #coupleshoot #boudoircouple #happycouple #couplegoals #boudoircouplesession #couplephotoshoot #couplephotography #couplephotographer

fine art boudoir image of man in mirror

3. Fine art boudoir photography. 

As a fine art photographer, you’ll have a particular point of view and aesthetic associated with your art. Your images will be distinct and created for the purpose of being expressive or creative. In many instances, in order to capture aesthetic qualities and show off a higher caliber of photography, your boudoir photography may be black and white or even nude. 

If you’re posting fine art boudoir imagery, try some of these hashtags to attract people to your boudoir photography. 

#finephotography #finephotograph #artisticphotography #fineartphotograph #fineartphotographer #fineartphotos #fineartfilm #filmphotography #photographyart #art #noiretblanc #fineartphoto 

bridal boudoir image of woman under veil

4. Bridal boudoir.

Similar to what we mentioned when speaking about maternity boudoir, your client may want to capture a special occasion or memory, such as a wedding! Bridal boudoir photography is a fun shoot, and many social media users (likely soon-to-be brides themselves) will be researching how to make their own day special. By posting and hashtagging your bridal boudoir shoots, you’ll have a greater chance of finding new clients. Be sure to incorporate the right hashtags when you do! 

#weddingphotographer #theknot #bridalboudoir #weddinginspo #bride #bridalstyle #weddingphotography #wedding #weddingday #love #weddingphoto #couple #instawedding #beautiful #bridalfashion #bridalinspiration #bride #bridetobe

Top boudoir photography hashtags. 

1. Boudoir lingerie photography. 

In some ways boudoir photography doesn’t happen without lingerie, but there are always exceptions to the rule. You may be shooting boudoir photography to expand your portfolio in product photography or to gain more clients in retail. Lingerie photography is a great bet, and hashtags will take you far in spreading awareness that you do this kind of work. 

We highly recommend throwing in some of these hashtags if you’re shooting specifically for lingerie boudoir photography.

#lingerie #lingeriemodel #lingeriesexy #lingerieaddict #fashion #editorial #fashionlovers #fashionweek #fashionaddict #fashiongram #fashionista #fashionstyle #style #ootd #fashionista  

2. Boudoir beauty photography. 

Boudoir photography is known to capture the beauty of the subject in the photo. Hair, make-up, your client’s outfit, a lot goes into your shoot when it comes to beauty, and you have a prime hand in making the output something that is beautiful. That’s why you’ll want to capitalize on the beauty hashtags that are out there! Check these out. 

#beautyandboudoir #beautiful #beauty #instabeauty #beautytips #beautybloggers #beautymakeup #beautyaddict #beautyphotography #beautysalon #beautyphotograper #beautygram #beautystudio 

3. Home boudoir photography. 

If you aren’t shooting in a studio, you’ll likely be shooting your client’s boudoir photos in their home or your own. Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, or living room, when you go to post your home studio boudoir photos, be sure you have the right hashtags! 

#homestudio #homestudiolife #homestudiosetup #bedroomstudio #bedroomgoals #bedroomdecor #bedroominspiration #bedroomselfie #bedroomlighting #homesweethome 

4. Pin-up boudoir photography. 

Pin-up and boudoir photography may seem like they go hand in hand, but this style of boudoir portraiture definitely has its own feel. Pin-up boudoir generally has a more flirty and vintage feel. The genre tends to showcase an era when the style was popular, like the 40s or 50s, which lends the shoot to be styled differently and even air on theatrical. You better believe there are unique hashtags for this! 

#pinup #pinupphotography #pinupgram #pinupcouture #pinupstyle #pinuplook #pinupmodel #pinuplifestyle

5. Erotic boudoir photography.

As mentioned, boudoir photography comes in many forms. Erotic boudoir photography extends the medium by offering a further look into the client’s sensuality. Photos may be more suggestive in nature or utilize more props. This definitely lends itself to more hashtags! Check out a few of the below if you’re posting erotic boudoir photography.

#sensualboudoir #sensualphotography #eroticlingerie #eroticism #bdsm #bdsmcommunity #bdsmgear #lingeriesensual #sensualphoto

Instagram boudoir photography hashtags.

We’ve gone through general boudoir photographer hashtags, 2022 boudoir photography hashtags, as well as the top boudoir photography hashtags, what remains is a dive into the popular Instagram boudoir photography hashtags.

Instagram of course won’t be the only place for your boudoir photography, but a great way to show off your skills and reach new audiences. How to do that? With hashtags of course. We’ve found more hashtags to use in your captions that zero in on the content that you’re posting as well as content that Instagram loves, from outdoor boudoir shoots to self-portraiture. Take a look. 

1. Self portrait boudoir photography. 

Maybe you yourself are the subject of your boudoir photography. By capturing yourself and posting the results, you have a whole other way to create and share content! Try as many different angles and set-ups as you please, it’s a great way to practice your own skills and gain knowledge of boudoir photography through personal experience.  

If you’re sharing your own boudoir photography, we highly recommend throwing in some of these hashtags.

#selfie #selfietime #selfiequeen #selfiegram #selfiesunday #selfielove #selfportrait #portraitphotography #selfportraitphotography #portrait #portraitmood

2. Body positive boudoir photography.

Anybody can and should take boudoir photos! With the rise of body positivity in our culture, you may have more plus size bodies to photograph, or in general more shapes, sizes and abilities. No matter the body of your model, here are some great hashtags to use when posting your boudoir photos. 

#bodylove #confidence #beautiful #plussize #plussizemodel #empowerment #bodiesarebeautiful #empowering #empoweryourself #bodylovebabes #bodylovers  

3. Travel boudoir photography. 

Travel photography is never a bad bet. People love seeing the beauty of different places, unique scenes, and new adventures. Likely you and your client will be on location when shooting travel boudoir photos, or maybe you’re advertising your own location as a destination. Whatever the reason, be sure to also hashtag where you are as well as where you’re based. Here are some general travel hashtags that are sure to give your posts some lift: 

#travel #explore #travelmore #[thecityourein] #adventureseeker #wanderlust #doyoutravel #wonderfulplaces #lovetotravel #roamtheplanet #travelphotography #travelpics #traveldiaries #beautifuldestinations 

4. Nature boudoir photography. 

It seems counterintuitive that boudoir photography could take place anywhere but the boudoir, but photographers and models are known to break rules! Nature allows for creative ways of showcasing intimacy. Plus, that natural light is always a crowd pleaser. These hashtags should give your nature boudoir photos good exposure. 

#landscape #world #naturephotography #planet #perspective #sunsetlover #naturalbeauty #mothernature #outsideboudoir #outdoorslife #outdoors #modernoutdoors #outdoorsy #liveoutdoors #outsidelover #outdoorshoot

5. Cosplay boudoir photography.

Taking cosplay into the boudoir is nothing new, but the #boudoircosplay hashtag has definitely become more and more popular on Instagram. A short form for costume play, cosplay dressers will use costumes, make-up, and props to represent characters from anime, TV and film, and video games. Those doing cosplay during your shoot may even act in the character they’re trying to emulate. There is plenty of cosplay content on social media, so be sure to utilize these hashtags if you’re taking cosplay boudoir photography.

#cosplay #boudoircosplay #gamecosplay #lingeriecosplay #sexycosplay #cosplaying #cosplayphoto #cosplayworld #cosplaylife #cosplaymakeup #cosplayphotoshoot #cosplaysexy #cosplayfun #cosplaylove #cosplaycommunity

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