Release Notes Wednesday March 30, 2022

Release highlights.

Experience photos in a new two-column layout on mobile, link your content, and make photo libraries easily searchable with metadata.

Less scrolling. Display more beautiful imagery with a two-column format on mobile:

Gallery photos will now be displayed in a two-column masonry grid on mobile. The two-column display accommodates the varying heights of your images and makes it easy to scroll through a large portfolio of photos.  

The two-column format will appear as a default setting. If you want to revert back to a single column layout, you can select that option in Gallery Design Settings.

Links play an important role connecting your web pages for easier navigation. You can now add hyperlinks to any form of content including text, images and buttons on your Zenfolio website helping your viewers discover more information. Positive user experience can lead to more followers and ultimately customers for your photography business. 

You can also use internal links as calls-to-action. For example, promote a time-sensitive holiday mini photo session link, prompting visitors to book your services instantly. 

text link feature

Keep your large photo libraries organized with a bulk metadata editor:

Metadata gives you the power to quickly organize photos using specific data categories like topic, size, or date created. You can now add metadata to a large number of photos at once in your gallery. This keeps your photo libraries organized and makes them easily accessible.

Bulk edit metadata

Create your photography website in minutes.