Release Notes, Thursday, July 13, 2023

Product News.

New! Inches to CM

Inches or Centimeters. If you prefer to show product dimensions in CM instead of inches in your gallery and cart, you can now choose which unit to display for your clients.

This is a great compliment to our recently launched PayPal integration. Learn more. (Link to

IN CM 1140

Custom <Head> Code

Announcing the ability to embed code within your Zenfolio site headers to allow certain 3rd party integrations and functionalities within your website.

Custom Code 1140

Add Custom Code Blocks to Your Site

You can now add a Custom code block to your website that supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Add Custom Code Blocks to Your Site

Improved Resolution Warnings

  1. Lab fulfilled products. Customers no longer see “Photo is too small for this product” warning. Now:
    1. Manual approval – If the photo is too small, you will get an email.
    2. Auto approval – If the photo is too small, you will get an email and the order will move to “needs approval” .
  2. Self fulfilled products no longer have a resolution warning.
    1. No warning will be shown, as we do not know the resolution, and you can approve and ship without having to replace the photo.
  3. Digital Products. Resolution warnings have been added for Digital products,
    1. If an All Photos Digital download contains some low resolution photos we only show the photos that need replacing.
Res Warning email

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