Release Notes Monday July 19, 2021

Release highlights.

BookMe: Auto-create galleries after booking:

Save time and simplify your workflow with the new auto generated client gallery feature now part of BookMe. With this new feature, you can enable client galleries to be instantly created when  a new client books you through BookMe. This will save you one extra step in your client gallery workflow for each of your new bookings.

BookMe: Third party site:

Do you have another website you’d like to implement and use BookMe on? With this new feature, you can now place the BookMe widget on ANY website with a few simple steps. Start booking clients and growing your business on another website outside of Zenfolio.

Video gallery block:

Highlight your client gallery with a snippet video of your photoshoot with the new client video block. This new popular mini video feature helps illustrate your client’s beautiful experience directly in their gallery.

Somerset Multi Page template:

Take a look at our brand new Somerset Multi page template excellent for landscape photography. With the light grey background your vibrant color imagery will pop!

Client login block is here:

This new block provides you an easy way to direct any client to your Zenfolio website and log in to access their photo galleries. Use this to also collect any and all new client emails to then market and upsell to after the shoot.

Set an expiration date for your client galleries:

Set an expiration for any or all of your client galleries and drive client engagement with your galleries and increase early print, digital and package orders.


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