Release Notes, Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Product News.

Our most recent round of features includes a faster way to share an existing collection of galleries on your website and new quarterly Smart Pricing updates.

Sell online faster by sharing your latest library of galleries on your website: 

To expedite your workflow, you can now showcase your latest library of galleries on your website in just two simple steps. If you’ve set up selling with us, you can also sell online faster by displaying a library of galleries.

Two ways to link your gallery folders to your website: 

  1. Add a folder block to an existing page. On the website builder, select a page to add a folder to and add the folder block.
  2. Add a new page to the website by selecting Link Page to a Folder. Your images will be dynamically populated and be visible to broader audiences. 

Smart Pricing will auto-check your price lists quarterly:

We released Smart Pricing in October, providing you with a data-driven tool to analyze and suggest optimal prices for your products based on your local market and shoot types. 

Smart Pricing will now auto check any newly created price lists quarterly and notify you if the product price has increased. To ensure you have control over your pricing, the auto updates will only apply to new price lists. If you wish to apply auto-updates to existing price lists, you’ll need to select the checkbox in the Smart Pricing toggle to activate auto-updates. 

Zenfolio online photography portfolio website smart pricing feature

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