Release Notes, Thursday, March 27, 2024

New! Miller’s Professional Lab. 

Miller’s professional lab, the largest lab in the United States, is now available as an integrated lab partner on Zenfolio. 

Offer a wide range of prints and paper types, metal prints, and canvas in 1.5 and 2.5 inch thickness in your online store. All orders will be automatically sent to the lab, or after order approval, for a streamlined fulfillment process.

If you are an established professional photographer, Miller’s is an excellent lab partner for you.

Miller’s Professional Lab Block 1140

Mother’s Day Client Campaign.

Zenfolio makes marketing easy. We offer pre-built and automated marketing campaigns to help you stay engaged with clients and sell more throughout the year. 

Campaigns include:

●      Gallery Banners

●      Marketing Emails (to your clients)

●      Reminder Email

Mother’s Day Client Campaign 1140

Contact form improvements.

Now you have more  flexibility to decide which fields show up or are required input fields on the form and you can add custom questions. 

Contact form improvements 1140

Sometimes the keyboard is the quickest and most efficient way to proof in a gallery. We’ve given your clients keyboard shortcuts for the most used actions. Favoriting, commenting, sharing and shopping.

Client Gallery Lightbox Keyboard Shortcuts Email

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