Release Notes Friday, October 14, 2022

Release highlights.

We are thrilled to provide photographers the ability to individually price photos in the galleries.  

Add a custom price to your high-value photos to earn more revenue:  

You’ve captured some of the best photos from a photo shoot and you’d like to sell certain images at a higher price. You can now easily add a marked-up price to any individual photos in your gallery. 

Simply right click on the desired image in your client gallery and select Set Custom Pricing and then assign a New Markup percentage in the Custom Pricing pop up modal. In this modal, you can choose all the products you would like to apply the new markup to.

  • The new markup field makes it easy to update the price by adding a desired percentage increase.
  • The newly applied price for any selected products will override existing prices in your price list. 
  • There’s no limit to how many images can have custom pricing.

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