olympic water polo ball in pool

Sports photography from Tokyo to Jackson Hole.

July 29th, 2021

Welcome the latest issue of Snapshots, where we recap news and highlights from the photography community.

Tokyo Olympics photographer dives in at the water polo with his camera and lenses.

From a Tokyo taxi motion-blur, to the fast-shutter frozen water droplets of water polo action, to a clean-shaven selfie…photographer Jeff Cable shares the first images of his adventure at the 2020 (well, now 2021) Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. Check out his popular blog as he tries out various settings on a combination of the Canon RS with a new 100-500mm Canon lens.

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Multi-genre photography projects help develop transferrable skills.

How can a self-assigned landscape project improve your portrait skills? Scottish landscape photographer and college photography teacher, Gary McIntyre, encourages such projects as a way to develop “transferrable skills” across photo genres. For example, he illustrates how reflected light interaction with surfaces in automotive photography can improve portrait skills – even outlining projects in a nifty spreadsheet.

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Iconic toys come to life in creative action-photo scenes.

What if a Mario Brother action figure was actually being chased by a toy dinosaur? Imagine if the Mutant Ninja Turtles discovered a Star Wars light sabre. How about a precarious scene of Popeye imperiled by the leaping shark from Jaws. A unique hobby of creating action scenes using toy figures has turned a Canadian photographer into a social media sensation.

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Waiting for the light – an athletic feat of photography.

“We wait for light a lot…looking at the sky…Oh, here comes a hole!” Photographer Wade McKoy has built a 47-year career residing in and recording extreme feats of athleticism in Jackson, Wyoming. McKoy recounts a recent experience capturing extreme skier Derek Depiero skiing the perilous Cody Peak near Jackson Hole. See the incredible results of his waiting for just 10 seconds of light. And read about his decades of capturing amazing feats.

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