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Common sports photography questions.

How many galleries can I upload? 

With Zenfolio you can upload as many galleries as you’d like. Choose the plan that best fits your needs: Portfolio includes 15 GB of storage, Portfolio Plus includes 150GB of storage, and our ProSuite plan has Unlimited storage. 

Is there a plug-in for Lightroom? 

Yes, Zenfolio offers a Lightroom Classic Plugin to upload photos to your Zenfolio account directly from your Lightroom Classic program on your computer. This plugin is a great way to quickly edit and upload photos straight from Lightroom Classic to your Zenfolio account. The Publishing services used by the plugin also allow you to make additional edits to the photos that you’ve already uploaded from Lightroom and publish those changes, automatically replacing the photos that were previously uploaded.

Can I upload multiple folders? 

Multiple folders can be uploaded by using Zenfolio’s Desktop Upload tool. The Desktop Uploader allows you to upload photos directly to Zenfolio from any folder on your computer, without needing to use your internet browser. Not only can you upload photos and videos directly from your desktop, but the uploader can recreate your nested folders and galleries from the file organization structure on your computer, saving you tons of time. Plus, you can queue galleries to upload while you work on something else.

How can clients find their photos/self-service from my website? 

With Zenfolio you can send a direct invite to your clients via email or copy the URL to the gallery and send it via text, social media messenger, or your email account. You can also set up your website and site navigation to link to your event gallery, allowing customers to visit your website and click on the event to locate and purchase images. 

Do I have to login to the website to manually approve all orders? 

Log in to your Zenfolio account is required before you can manage and approve orders. This can also be done on the go when using a mobile device.

Is Zenfolio compatible with uploading from post-production or tethering programs other than Lightroom Classic? 

Zenfolio offers a Lightroom Classic plug-in, a built-in uploader, and the Desktop Upload tool. 

Can I control the frequency of order profit payouts? 

Zenfolio payouts are processed automatically. Payment will be paid out within 3-5 business days, after the order has shipped, to the bank account or debit card associated with your Stripe or PayPal account. Payments processed by Stripe will be paid out through Stripe. Payments processed by PayPal will be paid out through PayPal.

What are the fees to use and sell on Zenfolio? 

Zenfolio has a 7% fee of the order sub-total – excluding sales tax and shipping. Stripe and PayPal can be set up as payment processors and they have their own fees that are between 2.9% + .30 and 3.49% + .49. 

Do I need to add a watermark before uploading photos or does Zenfolio have a tool to add watermarks? 

Zenfolio offers a watermark tool that you can use to apply a watermark to your images after uploading. When a client purchases photos for print or download, the Zenfolio-applied watermark is automatically removed. 

Are Zenfolio watermarks removed once a customer purchases? 

Yes, once a client purchases photos the Zenfolio watermark is removed. 

What labs can I sell through directly in Zenfolio? 

Zenfolio offers automatic fulfillment through the following labs: Photographers in the US have the choice of Mpix or BayPhoto, in Canada we offer Fujifilm powered by Zenfolio, in the UK we offer One Vision Imaging (OVI), and in Europe we offer Fujifilm powered by Zenfolio. Photographers can also choose to self-fulfill orders.  

Does Zenfolio handle the delivery of purchased downloads? 

Zenfolio handles the processing and delivery of downloads to your clients. 

Can I sell high resolution and low resolution images? 

You can sell various sizes of downloads including high resolution and low resolution digital products. The sizes range from Original down to 0.5MP (800px).

Can I sell bundles of 3 or 5 downloads?

You can create a package including 3 or 5 digital download files and sell this bundle of multiple images for download via any price list. 

How do I make bundles of multi-image digital downloads? 

You can create a package including multiple downloads in the desired amount and resolution and sell this bundle of multiple images for download via any price list.

You can set up an entire gallery download using the “All Photos” option and sell this digital download option at your desired price. 

Can I allow an event organizer to download images for free or a set amount of images for free? 

You can add the event organizer as a Client to a gallery, then use client options to allow them to download free images. You can allow them to download them all, or set a specific amount available as free downloads.

Can I sell downloads that include a graphic of the event logo on them? 

To offer a download for sale that includes a graphic, you can upload the photos with the graphic already placed on the image. Alternatively, you can use order approval and replace the file or files in the order by uploading a new version containing the graphic before approving the order. 

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