How to enroll in Zenfolio Automated Campaigns

December 7th, 2021


Zenfolio automated campaigns are a simple solution to run sales and promotions to your clients without doing a bunch of legwork. For access to these features, you will need a Zenfolio ProSuite or higher subscription.

In your account, click on the selling icon, then go to coupons and campaigns and click Get Started. Next, you will have the option to select a coupon or a campaign, Zenfolio automated campaigns are listed
at the bottom. Here, you can click the check box to enroll in all available campaigns or click on an individual campaign to enroll in it.

Whether you enroll in all of the campaigns or just one, it is important that you review the details and know what to expect. The discount type section is where you can see what type of discount this promotion offers, if it has a minimum order amount and if it’s limited to specific products. The Applies To section is where you can indicate who is allowed to use this coupon. By default, clients, guests, and visitors are selected. You can also choose to allow the coupon to be used in all of your galleries or restrict it to specific galleries only. The duration section is where you can see the date and time the promotion will start and end. Under options, you can turn on or off the emails that are sent to your clients and guests in regards to the promotion.

You can also view and customize the emails as well. By default, Zenfolio will send an announcement email, a one-week reminder, a three-day reminder, and a one-day reminder email. You can also toggle on or off gallery promotional banners, you can customize these banners as well. These are banners that display details about the campaign in participating galleries. Once you have reviewed everything click Save.

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